Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Is It Right To Date Your Office Colleagues? Let's Talk

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Welcome to another episode of In House Round Table Talk

Office relationships happens to be a regular topic of discussion in most organisations. In some organisations colleagues are prohibited from dating not to talk of getting married to one another. While in other organisations, office colleagues are permitted to date and get married to one another.

This has left many heart broken while this has left many joyful that they found their soul mate right in where they work.

Today In House Round Table Talk is meant for us to share our views and inspire one another on this topic. Please let's make this episode an interactive, inspiring and an educative one. Let's join our hands together and inspire someone.

My View On This Topic-

In organisations where you are not allowed to date your colleagues, you might date each other and when it's time to get married, one person has to leave the organisation. But in organisations where this is allowed, this is a good story of a happily ever after.

I feel this topic has its advantages and disadvantages. Dating someone from your office might be good in the long run or it might end up disastrous in the long run.

The advantages are great. The couple have each other's company. They get to see each other everyday which is a great thing. They encourage each other and they tend grow each other. Aside from their relationship, the friendship they both have blossoms too.

In terms of its disadvantages. On the part of promotion, when one is promoted to a very top position in the organisation, especially for the woman in the relationship. This might cause a strain in their relationship.

Also, tension here and there. Who is he/she talking to? What are they saying? Why is he/she talking to so so so. Rumours start swelling in. etc.

Another disadvantage is, when the couple break up or if they break up, there will be bad energy in between and around them.

This however is my view on this topic. I might be wrong. I humbly leave the comment section for you to share your views. Do not worry, your views on this topic will be greatly respected and appreciated.

Please do invite your views to join us on this topic.

Yours Truly,

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  1. We find love in strange places.its can be at anywhere.office romance or relationship is not a bad idea.Just that when the relationship start getting serious,one person has to quit his or her job.Jealousy tends to appear when you become protective of your partner and some other factor.

    1. Yeah. JEALOUSY is the word! That always destabilizes the chemistry....

  2. Dear Anthonia,
    Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.

    1. Chi, it's 4th today.
      ...not picking up any challenge? I'm missing that segment already.
      I must be honest with you, the fizzy things didn't work a close percentage even after the challenge.

    2. Hello Dear Dauda,
      Don't worry, the next challenge will be announced soon.
      Really? As regards the previous challenge? Do not worry, hopefully the next one will be much better.

  3. It's a very good thing to find love in your place of work. Most often times, it doesn't always go well. At any slit in time, troubles are bound to emanate and this keep the couple off balance as they often get to see.
    Married couple in the same organization?! That's the best thing.

    1. Dear Dauda,
      Thank you for your view on this topic.
      It is greatly respected and appreciated.

  4. Replies
    1. Dear Ann,
      Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.

  5. And yes love can be found anywhere, but office romance never last long for me, don't know for others anyways.

    1. Dear Paul,
      Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected & appreciated.


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