Sunday, 1 March 2015

Inspiration For The Month



We started our Inspiration for the month here >>>   where aside from giving out inspiration for the week and mid-week inspiration, we will also have inspiration for the month which will keep us inspired all through the month.

This month Inspiration for the month is:
Trust God 200% - Do not have any element of doubt in you this month. The position you are in now, is God by the grace of God. That position you want to be in tomorrow, only God can put you there or make it happen, so trust Him beyond what you are ever capable of doing. You trust that the sun will come out at a particular time of day and set at a particular time of day, right? 
Trust God like that too. 
Praise Always - Thank God always. Thank God into your breakthrough. Thank God into your success. Thank God into your upliftment. Praise your way into your testimony.

Pray Always - Pray Pray Pray. Jesus made us to understand before He ascended that we should ''Watch and Pray''. He also said ''Pray without ceasing''. 

Smile Always - Praising God requires you smiling. So since you are praising God always you have to smile always too right?

Work Hard - Like Steve Harris do say ''give God something to work with''. Give God your hard work and let Him bring out mighty results from it. Let your hard work be a seed/seeds that God will use to turn your request into a testimony/testimonies. 

P.S- The inspiration for the month will be on a banner at the top left side of this blog for you to remain inspired through out the  month. You can also click on the banner to read this post again if you are feeling discouraged so that we can inspire each other. 

Be Inspired

I hope you were inspired? Please do share with others to inspire them too. 

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