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‎Has Television And The Social Media Affected Our Way Of Communication, Thinking And Interaction? Let's Talk

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It's being widely speculated that the television and the social media in this present time is more like a curse or a detriment to man kind. 

Many are of the opinion that the social media and the television are changing the way we communicate, reason and interact with one another. It's nothing that many have forgotten the basic means of communication which are phone calls, text messages and face to face communication that the social media has now been opted as the number one means of communication. The use of short hand, mannerism and slang is now a norm as regards to how we interact with one another. 

As a result of the amount of time spent on social media and on televisions, we are gradually drifting away from what we mainly believe to what we read, see and watch on the television and the social media. 

However, these are speculations. What do you feel about this?
Has television and social media affected our way of thinking, communication & interaction? 
Please do share your views with us let us inspire, educate and learn from each other. 

My view on this topic 
‎I am of the opinion that the television and the social media has its pros and cons. Has it affected our way of communication, thinking and interaction, I will say to a large extent, yes...for the good and for the bad.

I feel there are LOTS of positive things we can learn from watching the TV and also from the social media. However, it has its flip side to it.  

In terms of our communication, it is those who really want the social media to affect their way of communication that will let it do so. We should appreciate the social media but we shouldn't let it affect our basic means of communication which is face to face communication, phone calls and text messages. 
We should also not let our way of speaking and writing be affected too due to the the regular use of short hand, mannerism and slangs. 

As regards our way of thinking , I would also say YES too. Our thinking and what we believe is gradually been replaced with what we watch, see and read on social media and on televisions. 
The social media and the television have broadened  our thinking horizon. We now know what we do not know before through the television and social media platforms. However, there are many unproductive or negative things that are can easily found/read/watched on televisions and on social media and what we read affects our way of thinking which in turn affects our character and actions. 

I feel that we can make the social media influence us positively or negatively. I feel that we can allow the social media affect our way of communication, thinking and interaction if we let it.

This is my view on this topic. However, I might be wrong and my views might be completely different from your views. So, please beautiful people, do share your views with us. Let us inspire, learn and educate one another . Do not worry, your views will be greatly respected and appreciated.

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  1. I agree totally with your point of view, it has really affected us both negatively and positively, but the way it affects individual differs from one another.

    I must really say the use of social media has made so many people and has also destroy even sent many to their early grave. We have to as individuals be mindful of how much effect it is having on us, we should be able to strike a balance between our normal life and our social media life and be mindful of what we do and how we share our personal informations when on the social media.

  2. Dear Paul,
    Thank you for your view on this topic. It is greatly respected & appreciated.


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