Friday, 6 March 2015

Dust Your Bible Guys! The Book Of Daniel Challenge!

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Wow! Our challenge already? All the glory belongs only to God.
P.S- Please find here >>>  what our just completed challenge was all about.

This is the official announcement of our next challenge. I have being looking for the best time to announce our next challenge and what a coincidence, our this week's Friday Inspirations (please do find that here >>> ) came just in time for it.

Many atimes, we pray to God but forget to read or even study and mediate on our bibles. If we say, let us ask one another where our Bibles are, some people will be lost of words. Most times, it is only on Saturday nights that we get to search the whole house for our bibles or on Sunday mornings.

This challenge is going to be a unique one. It is a 12 Days Challenge since the Book of Daniel has 12 Chapters. This challenge will officially kick off on the  9th of March 2015 and it will end on
the 20th of March 2015.

What this challenge entails is that; Each day of this challenge, we are going to read one Chapter of the Book of Daniel and share with one another what we learnt and understood in that Chapter. If there happens to be any Chapter we do not understand, we will discuss it together and learn from each other.

This challenge is meant to inspire us to strengthen our spiritual lives and our walk with God. This challenge is meant to inspire us to strengthen and build a better and stronger relationship with God. The truth is, the main thing that kills any relationship is lack of communication. Though we pray, when we do not study God's word or God's letters to us, we feel so empty inside and think God doesn't love us at all. When on the contrary, all the answers to life's questions and God's love for us are all written in the bible.

As usual, a banner will be placed on the left hand side of this blog for 12 days to keep us all motivated. So whenever you are feeling demotivated about this challenge or you have the urge to give up, you can just click on the banner, read this post again to be motivated.

I can't wait to get started with this challenge! SEE YOU ON THE 9TH OF MARCH BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

Please do invite your friends and loved one to join us in this challenge.

Be Inspired.

Yours Truly,


  1. Daniel challenge,ok ready for the 9th.

  2. Daniel challenge all the way.... Let's get it started already.. 9th is a date to look out for.


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