Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Different Ways To Look Elegant, Glamorous And Chic On Crop Tops


Crop tops... Crop tops have never really been an outfit I will give a thought to because I am not really that girl that is comfortable in showing off skin whenever she wears an outfit. I am just all about being all covered up but still dressing and looking classy the best way I can. That is, you really don't have to show off your skin in an outfit to look and feel beautiful and also classy. 

However, one can actually look be decent and still  be elegant, glamorous and chic on crop tops. So, I guess, I will give crop tops a chance. The great thing about crop tops as you will get to see later on, is that crop top suits everyone. Everyone in terms of ladies/women with different body types, that is, you can either be slim or plus size (d) and crop tops will suit you so well.   

According to the pictures (15) below, there are mainly 3 ways one can look decent and still be classy on crop tops and they are:
1) Wearing crop tops with high waisted skirts
2) Wearing crop tops with maxi skirts
3) Wearing crop tops with high waisted pants (trousers). 

I hope as you see pictures of ladies looking decent, elegant, glamorous and chic on crop tops, you will be inspired to dress, look and feel like a queen that you are on crop tops. ENJOY!


Be Inspired To Look And Feel Beautiful
Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A Queen

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  1. Kim k,always killing its.nice pictures.i can only wear them at home,i won't be comfortable with it outdoor.

    1. Wearing it with high waisted skirts/maxi skirts will be fine as long as it doesn't t show any part of my body.


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