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Day 4 Of The 12 Days Challenge Of The Book Of Daniel

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Hello Beautiful People!

Today is the Day 4 of the Book of Daniel Challenge! How is the challenge going at your end? Did you study Chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel? If yes, please do share with us what you learnt and if you have questions to ask, please do feel free to ask us. Let's learn from each other.

Today's challenge is a great lesson in itself. This is because every verse in Chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel carries powerful lessons. Explaining them with pictures, is more like me sharing the whole chapter in pictures, which may not be possible. 

This chapter talks about a King who God has made so strong, powerful and wealthy. However,
he failed to give God all the glory and was prideful of what he has.

God initially warned him through is dream and the consequences that his actions might result into... let's say he forgot because later on (a year later) , he let his wealth and possessions get to his head that God turned him into an animal. 

He was cast out from amongst men. His heart was changed to that of an animal. He ate grass, dew fell on him, his hair grew like that of an eagle's feathers, his nails became like a bird's claws. He remained like this for 7 ... (Please I am not so sure of this. The bible said 7 times over shall pass by him. Does that mean 7 days or 7 years? Please can someone explain this to me?).

One thing that God did that marvelled me was that, despite the fact that He was angry considering the fact that he HATES PRIDE, HE WAS STILL MERCIFUL. All along, while the kingdom was taken away from the King, God kept the King's kingdom for him, till he realised his mistakes and he returned all the glory back to God.  

P.S- Remember God said, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on and compassion on whom I will have compassion on (Romans 9:15), so do not say, I will try being prideful a bit. Since God had mercy on the King, He will surely have mercy on me. 
Do not forget that everyone has different level of grace. Also, purposefully trying to be prideful and seeing what God will do, is more like you tempting God. 


So beautiful people, please do share with us, what you learnt in today's challenge.

P.S- Please do feel free to join us if you haven't and also invite your friends and loved ones along. You all are more than welcome to join us.

Please find here what this challenge is all about >>>  

Please do invite your friends to join us in this challenge so that we can inspire one another.

Be Inspired 

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