Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 2 Of The 12 Days Challenge Of The Book Of Daniel

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Hello Beautiful People!

Today is the Day 2 of the Book of Daniel Challenge! How is the challenge going at your end? Did you study Chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel? If yes, please do share with us what you learnt and if you have questions to ask, please do feel free to ask us. Let's learn from each other.

I learnt a couple of things from today's challenge. I will be sharing them with pictures if you will permit me. 
The first thing I learnt

From Verse 3 to 10, the King had a dream. But he could not remember his dream and he wanted his wise men to tell him the dream he had. How possible is that, really? Impossible right? 
Because it is only God that can reveal deep and hidden things. 

The second thing I learnt

In the Verses before the ones shown above, the King got very angry and decided to have all the wise men in Babylon executed. However, Daniel, inquired, why the King wanted him and all other wise men in Babylon executed.  
Now, after Daniel found our why, He called his friend (remember show me your friends and I will tell and show you who you are, as we talked about yesterday?) and they did what they knew best how, they consulted God and asked for His help and guidance. 

Whenever you come before or to God with a very difficult situation, a situation that is way beyond you, God will always come through because He has His name at stake. God will never ever allow His name to be dragged in the mud. God will ALWAYS PROVE THAT HE AND HE ALONE IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD. He prove the solution to all your answers and even provide answers to questions you didn't ask Him.

The third thing I learnt

ALWAYS RETURN ALL THE GLORY BACK TO GOD and always stay true to your true friends. If you have the opportunity of lifting others up, be a helping hand and do so. However, do everything with wisdom.

So beautiful people, please do share with us, what you learnt in today's challenge.

P.S- The challenge just started, please do feel free to join us and also invite your friends and loved ones along. You all are more than welcome to join us.

Please find here what this challenge is all about >>>  

Please do invite your friends to join us in this challenge so that we can inspire one another.

Be Inspired 

Yours Truly,

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