Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 11 Of The 12 Days Challenge Of The Book Of Daniel

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Hello Beautiful People!
We have one more day before this challenge ends. Please do feel free to start making suggestions of what you feel our next challenge will be on. The results of your suggestions on what we will do and who made the suggestion (s) will be announced in 2 weeks time by the grace of God.

So beautiful people, how was your Day 11 challenge? Did you read the 11th chapter of the Book of Daniel? If you did, please do share with us how your challenge went and what you learnt from it. If you have any questions, please also feel free to ask, let's learn and inspire one another. 

My today's challenge went well. I bless God. Chapter 11 makes me have a full and better understanding of what prophecies are all about. That is when God reveals for example to the General Overseers of churches what the year will be like, detail by detail. 
This Chapter is just like that too. God revealed to Daniel detail by detail of what will happen in the future. This means that the Prophet Daniel, already know and also probably seen what will happen in the future and when it happens it will all be like deja vu.

I am really just in AWE. It really takes special grace for God to trust one with an information so great. 

So beautiful people, please do share with us, what you learnt in today's challenge.

P.S- Please do feel free to join us if you haven't and also invite your friends and loved ones along. You all are more than welcome to join us.

Please find here what this challenge is all about >>>  

Be Inspired 

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