Thursday, 26 March 2015

BOOK REVIEW: SHE Reviewed By Chiamaka Nneka Written By Rebecca St. James & Lynda Hunter Bjorklund

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Today Is another episode of our BOOK REVIEW's forum! Who is excited? I sure am.
Today, a friend to our blog Chiamaka Nneka is reviewing a book for us today. YAAY!

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S.H.E is an acronym for Safe Healthy and Empowered. 

Awarding winning recording artist Rebecca St. James teams up radio talk show host Lynda Hunter Bjorklund to present a multi-generational look at why women feel out of control and vulnerable. 

Multi-what? Multi-generational because it covers both young and old, single and married. Its not just
for a certain clique of women rather the two authors (Rebecca, a twenty-something single career woman and Lynda, a forty-something married mother of three) combine their wealth of experiences to help all women understand how they can be safe, healthy, and empowered as they find their identity and security in God. 

I love this book because it opens you up to God's desire for you as a woman. Its certainly a must read for women who wish to shed all their limitations and inhibitions and mature into the powerful confident women God designed them to be.

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Chiamaka Nneka

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  1. Great review as always, but I have issues with sitting down to read nowadays, I guess maybe cuz of stress of work or maybe am been lazy, is there anyway to overcome this?

    I used to love reading novels before now.

  2. Yes dear. It can be very difficult finding the time to read in your very busy schedule and all. But you just have to sacrifice and add find time.


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