Thursday, 19 March 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Food, Sex And Peace Of Mind By Chey B

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Hello Beautiful People!
It's Tuesday and you know what that means? It is BOOK REVIEW day! Yaay!

Today's BOOK REVIEW is a book every lady should get and also a book every man should get for the women in his life (Mother/Wife/Fiancée/Girlfriend/Friend/Sister). This book just has its ways of backing most things up with scriptures. However, this book is mainly for the ladies or women who yet to be married (either single, engaged or courting).

Many atimes, some ladies/women will say ''I don't know what happened, he just left'' or things to that nature. The author, Chey B broke down the 3 main things that are very important to a man and the 3 main things every man needs. 

This book makes every girl understand her self worth. It makes her understand that you do not need to sleep with a man before marriage to keep him. It makes her understand the importance of being loved, respected, courted, cherished and adored. 
This book talks about the whole concept of dating or being in a relationship.

I think I have given much already. I hope you get this book beautiful people and please do share with us how the book has inspired you when you do. 

Please if you have read any book and feel you want us to get a hold of it for us to be inspired by it, please kindly send me the name of the book and its review on for me to share with others. Don't worry, I will acknowledge you as the reviewer okay? But if you also choose to remain anonymous, I will also respect that.

I can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. Food, sex and peace of mind... i ve been wanting to read this book for a while now... sha i will definitely read it. AT least before i get married. .. lol Thanks hun for the review.

    Xo, Jennifer

    1. Hello dearie,
      It's really a great book. Do read it and thank me later. *Smiles*
      You are welcome dear. I am glad you were inspired by this review

  2. Nice review, the book must be very interesting, will consider getting it for the woman in my life but not before I have gone through it to make sure it doesn't contradicts what we have already discussed in the time past.. #winkz..

    1. Lol. Dear Paul, your comment is cracking me up.
      You are free to go through it dear. But believe me, she will thank you for getting her this book.


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