Wednesday, 4 March 2015

21 Things You Need To Change About Yourself


This article is solely on the ministration I heard last Sunday by my Pastor. This got me thinking so deep that I just had to share.

P.S- This wasn't the topic of the ministration. I rephrased the topic and the points are straightforward, however, I will add a thing or two.
Please also note that this has nothing to do with the upcoming election in Nigeria.  

Many atimes, we want, need or hope for something different within and around us but we fail to do the MOST IMPORTANT thing which is change. To get a different result or to see things differently we need to change ourselves. 

Below are the 21 things we need to change about ourselves:

2) Change your life
3) Change your character - Your thoughts graduates to your words and your words graduates to your actions and your actions  graduates to who you are.
4) Change your ways
7) Change your action- Your thoughts graduates to your words and your words graduates to your actions.  
8) Change your environment- Surround yourself with people and places that makes you a better person. 
9) Change your ''family'' - Surround yourself with people and places that makes you a better person. 
10) Change your mode of dressing- Dress the way you want to be addressed. Thank God that we inspire one another on how to dress, look and feel like Kings() and Queens () .
11) Change your offering- Give God a befitting offering.
12) Change your tithe- Do not run away from paying your tithe. Give God your tithe so that things won't be tight for you. Malachi 3:10
13) Change your prayer life- Jesus said we should always Watch and pray. Many solutions to life's challenges are obtained on your knees praying. 
14) Change your bible reading- The word of God are God's letters and wills to us. We will never know what our inheritances are if we do not search for them in God's word. 
15) Change the way you look
16) Change your giving - Give and it shall be given unto you. 
17) Change your eating habit
19) Change your relationship with God
20) Change your friends- A wise man once said ''show me your friends and I will tell and show you who you are''.
21) Change your level of trust- ''Where there is no trust, there will be trouble''. However, pray that God reveals to you who to trust. We made mention here >>>   trusting the wrong persons breaks you. 

Be Inspired

I hope you have been inspired? Please share with others to inspire them too.

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  1. Change begins with us.really true

  2. I sure did! True talk!


  3. Some points are coherent. Nice one anyways.
    Have a similar one to share. 3(0)3 things you need to know about life.

    1. Thank you dear. I do appreciate it.
      As regards what you feel like sharing with us, why not send it to my email and I will share it with others during our Friday Inspirations forum?

  4. Wow such a long list, but if we really put our mind at it, its really something we can do. Hope we dont just read but really try our best in changing.

  5. I truly need to change alot about me too


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