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12 Astonishing Things You Can Do With Used Tea Bags


Many atimes after we finish drinking our green teas or teas as a whole, the next best place we believe it will look better in, is in the waste bin. I am very sure as many read this topic, they were like ''Chidnma, you have got to be kidding me! Used tea bags? Like really?''.
Yes beautiful people, used tea bags.

The truth is, I often do the first and second on the list which we will see later on. However, I am as astonished as you are with the rest on the list. The interesting part of it all is that, rather than spending so much 'money and time in the beauty stores or spas or in the hospitals or employ the services of someone, you can just stay in the comfort of your home and treat yourself real good.

So why don't we see these awesome list together?
I hope you get inspired by them. ENJOY!

1) Did you know that you can remove your eye bags and dark circles with used tea bags?

There are times that you sleep so late at night because you were trying to get certain things done and you need to be up very early the next morning. By the time you wake up, you get to have these terrible eye bags and dark circles around your eyes. So, how do you get rid of them?

If you know that you will be staying up late, of course you would have already drank your tea, put your used tea bag/bags in a flat plate or cup and put it in the fridge/freezer (freezer works best for me). When you wake up in the morning, before you take your bathe, take the tea bags and press them  gently against your eye bags for a minute or two. The result will be unbelievable, I tell. It will be as though you slept all through the night. It works for me every time *Winks*

2) Did you know that you can get rid of puff face with used tea bags?
Puffy face especially chins comes most times with staying up late. To get rid of them, take the your cold used tea bags (As explained in point 1), press them gently against the puffy areas of your face before you take your bathe and be prepared to be amazed by the outcome. This also works all the time for me.

3) Did you know that used tea bags serves as nutrients to your plants? That is, they help feed your plants which in turn helps to make the grow well.

4) Did you know that used tea bags helps get rid of any type of burns?
Be it sun burns, minor burns... just name it!unsheUR

5) Did you know that used tea bags helps tone your skin?

6) Did you know that used tea bags helps reduce the oiliness in your skin? But how? Use your used tea bags to massage/rub against your face.

6) Did you know that used tea bags can get rid of greasy areas of your home especially in your kitchen like the oven, the sink etc?

7) Did you know that you can clean your wood furnitures with used tea bags?

8) Did you know that you can treat bruises/injuries with used tea bags?

9) Did you know that you can treat rashes and bites from insects with used tea bags by rubbing them against the rashes or bites?

10) Did you know that you can treat your hair with used tea bags?

11) With the help of used tea bags, be prepared to kiss smelling feet good bye?

12) Did you know that used tea bags helps heal wart?

With the list above, I hope you will no longer be in a hurry to throw away your used tea bags again? And I also hope you were inspired by this post? Please do share with others to inspire them too.

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

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  1. Like seriously, all this can be achieved using a used tea bag? Any tea bag or a special one?
    I better start stocking them up at home now. You serious it can heal wounds and help with facial beauty..

    Nice discoveries and am sure gonna give this a try.

    Thanks for the eye opening post.

    1. I am glad you were inspired dear. Please share with others to inspire them too.
      Any tea bag I believe. However, I use the one of green tea.

  2. Nice post but I go confess oh, I don't no that tee bag is so Usedful I was inspired keep it up I will like to post guest post on your blog, so ones again more greese to your elbow my sister and u can contact me via whatsapp 08168374589. BB pin 3295C897 or visit my webpsge @ buy for now.

    1. Dear Yakubu, thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate it.
      As regards you guest posting, if you are interested in guest posting, please kindly contact me on and your post will be featured on Friday Inspirations.

  3. Never knew tea bags could do all of these.really unbelievable,nice post.

    1. Unbelievable right? I am glad you were inspired by this post dear.


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