Monday, 16 February 2015

Say NO To Nudity And Profanity!


I shared this on my social media accounts that is on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. But since not all my blog readers follow me in terms of my social media accounts, I thought I should share it here too.:

No matter how we try to deny it/run away from it, in terms of the truth, what we watch/read affects our lives in ways we never could imagine.

What we watch/read goes to our subconscious without us knowing. Before we know it, we start to think it, imagine it, dream about it, behave it... and of course the rest is history.

It might be hard, extremely hard to stop doing especially when everyone is
all about it. However it is a necessity. Besides you need to stand out from the crowd.
Whatever does not glorify God, destroys you.
Whatever does not glorify God only glorifies the devil.

Say NO to movies/songs/series/books that are all about nudity & profanity. If it isn't lifting you up. You shouldn't be watching/reading it.

If it isn't glorifying God, it isn't worth watching/reading.

Many might say but I am married/engaged, I can watch and read these things.

But one thing we fail to realise is, in terms of what we see and read, the devil cannot be underestimated in that department.
He knows exactly what he is doing. And the fastest to destroy great minds is in what they watch, read and listen to.

He knows that once you allow him enter your mind/life through what you watch, listen to and read, God has no other choice than to step out.

The worst thing that can ever happen to man, is the absence of God's presence.

God dwells in our hearts. He can't be battling His dwelling place with a heart filled with nudity and profanity. It's better He leave.

No matter how much you try to deny it, nudity and profanity promotes violence, infidelity...sin as a whole.

Nudity and profanity destroys one to shreds.
It destroys your mind, your life above all, it destroys your with God.

We all know that if one lost his/her stand with God, he or she has lost everything.


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  1. Really true,not a fan of those kind of movies or books.because it reflects in ones lifestyle.

  2. I use to watch those movies and love seeing ladies dress up in such manner... But I have since changed, found out its really affecting the way I think and reason.

    Had to stop before it becomes too late.

  3. Phewwwww. I'm One-Hundred-And-Onety-One % guilty of this.
    Lesson learnt. Gonna change for better.


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