Tuesday, 10 February 2015

RUN GUYS, RUN! Why You Really Need To Run More


Running... I am so glad this blog inspires two people. That is, you and I. Because, running is one of the exercises I run away from the most. I can do any type of exercise but when it comes to running I completely chicken out. Even at the gym...I completely avoid running on a thread mill. So this post today I hope, will inspire you and I to run more.

Running happens to be one of the most effective exercises any one could ever do and today, we are breaking down the great importance of running.

The awesome thing about running is that, it is for everyone. Running isn't restricted to young people alone. Running does great wonders in the lives of many. Running is an exercise for all age groups.

Now let's look at the benefits of running and why you need to run more
- The number one benefit of running is that, it exercises the heart. This helps to prevent the heart from having any form of cardiovascular diseases.
- Each mile when you run, you are literally burning 100 calories. That means you get to lose weight extremely fast just by running. Interesting right?
- After running there is this unexplainable confidence you tend to feel about yourself.
- Running strengthens your bones. That is, running gives you stronger bones.
- Running lowers one's risk of having stroke.
- When you run, you are literally exercising or working your entire body. Great right?
- Running helps prevent one from having breast cancer or it helps lower one's chances of having breast cancer.
- Feeling stressed or depressed? Just run. Running helps relieve one from stress and depression.After

With the above great benefits of running, won't it be a great idea to run more? 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy

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