Thursday, 5 February 2015

IT'S VALENTINE SEASON! Konga Love Boom Starts Today!


Valentine's day is around the corner. Are you are looking for a way to show love to that special person in your life or to your loved ones as a whole, but at an affordable rate?Well not to worry, the Konga Love Boom is a solution for you.

Promotion has finally kicked off! In this amazing promotion, you get to enjoy up to 50% discount on all fashion items purchased from  today.
This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase those valentine gifts you've wanted to purchase for the special people in your life! 

Here are some discounts & Brands on sale:

Men's Wears
  • - Quest Clothing - 50% Off
  • - Pride & Soul - 40% Off
  • - Ser55 - 40% Off
  • - Smith & Jones - 40% Off
  • - Lee Cooper - 40% Off
Men's Shoes 
  • - Select SKUs of Franck NY, Gab Moren, Deo Milano (50% Off)
  • - Fazio - 10% Off
  • - Renato Dulbecc - 10% Off
  • - WeSC - 40% Off
  • - Bellfield - 20% Off
Men's Accessories 
  • - Volts - 50% Off
  • - Baolida Bags - 40% Off
Women's Wears
  • - Ax Paris - Selected SKU - up to 25% Off
  • - Lili London - 30% Off
  • - Vera and Lucy - 27% Off
  • - KFL - Selected Sku's up to 40% Off
  • - Closet - up to 40% Off
  • - LA.X - up to 15% Off
Women's Shoes
  • - Rebel - 30% Off
  • - Dainty sole - up to 35% Off
  • - 24/7 (select skus) - up to 25% Off
  • - Bella Marie - up to 40% Off
  • - DND up to 40% Off
Women’s Bags
  • - LS Bags - up to 40% Off


  1. This years valentine in Nigeria is traded for Elections oo. Lol.
    Chi, hope you are traveling out to chat valentine fun. Book for two oo. Hehe
    Amazing at konga. They are known for the best.

    1. Lol.
      I hope you see what you love in the Konga Love Boom dear.

  2. Election don spoil val o. I wan use that as an excuse, na so one new gal I just met come say 15th is there now.
    To come spoil am she talk say na Shoprite she wan make I take her. I tot val was meant to stay together alone like going to watch movies or visiting fast food. I come tire for the gal o.

    Maybe I tell her Chi is hosting us for val.... *side eyes * *tongue out*

    Na Anthonia I wan take out for val jare. Where is she now ooo.

    1. Lol. Well I feel you can always postpone val's day cos of the election Right?
      I hope you see what you love in the Konga Love Boom dear.

  3. Valentine things,we should show love always o,not only on the 14th.@ Paul abeg make the 15th special for the babe o,no excuses abt election for the matter.

    1. Issokay o. Hope we both end up happy... 14th February isn't only a day to show love as you said. It's an everyday thing. Thanks


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