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Is It Ok To Quit School When School Isn't Working In Your Favour? Let's Talk

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Many atimes, it is very difficult to fathom the fact that after so much studying, one either gets bad grades or just don't understand what it is they are reading.
As a result of this, many, especially those in school are somewhat been negatively influenced that if men like Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg  (CEO of Facebook), the late Steve Jobs ( Former CEO of Apple) etc quit school and are now billionaires why waste your time in school when you can quit and be like these men?

The question now is, is it ok to quit school?

In today's episode we will be sharing our views to inspire ourselves and others especially our younger ones if it is ok to quit school when school is no longer working in their favour.

Today's In House Round Table Talk is for us to inspire those in various schools around the world who feel quitting school is the best option.

My View
My answer is NO! Yes there are business moguls who did not go to school and are now billionaires but in reality if you look at things closely, you will see that these men one way or the other went to school.
Programming for example isn't something anyone can learn not to talk of do. You need to go to programming school to learn such or you need to be educated in one way or the other to be an expert in that field.

These great men employ graduates and experts to work for them but the truth is, you need to be an expert to employ experts right? These men we read about that didn't go to school but are now CEOs of multinational organisations didn't just sit down and did nothing, they worked they asses off (forgive my language). They did extraordinary things to make them own not just any company but multinational organisations.

My point is, when quitting feels like the only option you got that's when you need to fight harder. If you have being studying on your own, then it's time you study with people better than you. When it has to do with achieving your goals, shying away from seeking help isn't an option cos no man really is an island.
Ask questions. Meet your tutors for guidance and explanation.  PRAY PRAY PRAY.

A wise woman once said ''never let a day go by without learning something new''. A wise man also said ''hard work doesn't kill, never say something is difficult if you haven't worked hard for it''.
Sometimes, you need to give certain things your everything to really make it.

You also need to check the association you keep. This is because, the association you keep has more than 50% influence in your life. So you also need to watch the kind of people you associate with.

Many atimes, you might be in the wrong field of study. All you need do is to direct your steps to the right direction. Quitting school really is never an option.

Cos the joy you will have within and all around you after a good fight and you finally graduate, will and cannot be compared to anything in the world.

My view on this topic might be completely different from yours or even wrong. I humbly need your view on this topic to make it an interactive and educative one so that we can inspire others, ourselves and our younger ones.
Don't worry, your views as always will be completely respected and appreciated.

Please do invite your friends to join us in today's talk.

Yours Truly,

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  2. Quitting school is not an option when things don't work as planned,but at same time,school is not meant for every one.because there are people out there who may have only went to primary or either tried to finish their secondary education but are doing quit well in life.the thing is every one has his or her own destiny.Education or not is their decision.my thoughts thou

    1. Dear Anthonia,
      Thank you for your view on this topic.
      Your view on this topic is greatly respected and appreciated.

  3. Anthonia, I beg to disagree with few of your points. School is a place of learning. So long you can breath, eat, think and react, I see no reason why school shouldn't be for you.
    Like I have in one of my books. "If the map doesn’t agree with the ground, the map is wrong. We are given mental maps as children. Our parents and other adults tells us what is right and what is wrong – sometimes they don’t always get it well and right. Now as adults, when we find the maps we have relied on for so long can get us lost, we need to recalibrate and create more reliable guides based on what we now know to be true and where we want to go."
    You will agree with me that the education we receive in the first 12 - 17 years of our lives isn't all about carrier, but helps build us to understand the basis of life, when this is lost to some superstitions that says "education isn't for all" then you have cut short yourself the chances of becoming a "vibrant" fellow in the future. I cannot understand for no reason why any child will fail to go to school.

    In conclusion, it's never okay.... The essence of my first quoted paragraph is; is the school is not working for you, you either change your mind set or change the school.

    1. Dear Dauda,
      Thank you for your view on this topic.
      Your view on this topic is greatly respected and appreciated.

  4. I'm just going to say less now because of my earlier reply to Anthonia's....
    Like Mandela of blessed memories said; "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
    Now think about that. Or is it the saying by one of favourite men "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." (I think this reflected on my earlier comment).
    And like I had on the cover of my primary school exercise book "civilization started on the basis foundation of academic pursue, therefore, embrace education for your civilization "


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