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Friday Inspirations: Opportunity Forgone Is Not Lost By An Anonymous Writer


Dear Anonymous Writer, we are so happy to be inspired by you again.

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After David's unholy union with Bathsheba, Prophet Nathan Prophesied that the child resulting would die. (2 Samuel 20:15).

David Prayed and fasted hard so he won't lose the child that resulted but the child still died (2 Samuel 20:16 & 19). He didn't give up, He lay with Bathsheba again and she bore Solomon through whom David's throne was established and the lineage of Jesus evolved from.


Perhaps God saw ahead what the child would become and decided to slay him. The child could have been another Amnon who
was a sister rapist or Absalom the brother killer but God saw ahead and stopped ahead.

God doesn't take from man, He only makes replacements. He doesn't deny man anything, He only suggests and brings in better options. (John 10:10).

Have you been praying and fasting to God for a particular thing, something you so desire but it seems like God has withdrawn His hands. Relax!!!! You would always get a better deal from Him. Delay doesn't mean denial, it only means that God is doing something very big so much so that its taking Him time. It took God 6 days to create the world but a split second to create the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:8). Huge and quality tasks usually take Him more time. So look on the bright side, God takes time to do extra ordinary feats.

Does it seem like you have lost something you desired the most? Have you lost the opportunity of getting that dream job, dream woman, dream man, dream house or dream child due to miscarriage?

Fa ra ba le (means relax in Yoruba). Don't be discouraged. Don't be dismayed. You have not lost at all. With God, loss is ultimately gain. Lose is ultimately win. When Christ was killed, Satan thought Christ had lost. Little did he know... lol

Begin to live again, begin to try again, make more attempts. Like David, wash off, change your clothes and anoint (spray perfumes on) yourself (2 Samuel 12:20) and go and lie again with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 12:24) this time, your Solomon would be born, your hair would begin to grow again like Samson (Judges 16:22) and you would get the best from God.

Be Inspired. 

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  1. Close to pastor Chris' message I listened to recently.
    Bless you writer and bless you too Chi.

    1. Thank you dear. I am glad you were inspired.
      Thank God for the writer.

  2. Replies
    1. I am glad you were inspired dear.
      Please do share with others to inspire them too.

  3. Love this... it's really inspiring. Thanks for putting up.

    1. Thank God for the writer.
      I am glad you were inspired dear. Please do share with others to inspire them too.


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