Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday Inspirations: Celebrating Talent (Episode 5) - Awesome Drawings By artistiq


An avenue called Friday Inspirations was created last year on this blog to celebrate others. As I made mention in episode 2 of celebrating talents, Friday Inspirations is all about using the works of others to inspire people. If there is a design, movie, song, art, picture, poem, write-up etc that you came across and was inspired by, you could share it with us so that we can be inspired by it too.

P.S- To find out more on what Friday Inspirations is all about in detail or on how you can participate please do read this >>> 

In episode 2, we were mesmerised by the drawings of an artist by the name OlamideDIY (please find here >>>   it here in case you missed it). Today's episode of celebrating talent will also make you mesmerised, mind-blown and speechless.
There are talented people out there. Thank God we are celebrating them the best way we can.

Today, we will be celebrating the artist by the name artistiq. Someone retweeted into my timeline on Twitter one of this artist works and this instantly caught my attention. I couldn't help but feature this artist in our this week's Friday Inspirations.

This artist's drawings are a work of art in itself. They are all pencil drawings, but at the same time, they are uniquely beautiful. They all look so real!
Rather than go on, please find below some of the awesome drawings of artistiq. I hope you get inspired. ENJOY!

You could find out more about him by following him on Twitter

Be Inspired. 

I hope you were inspired by this post? Please kindly share with others to inspire them too. 

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  1. The pictures looks real.awesome talent

    1. My dear, they look so real that you can mistake them for real pictures.
      This I must say is an amazing talent.


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