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For 10 Years He Walked 46 Miles Everyday To Work Only To Get The Biggest Surprise Of His Life


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I read this story on the internet last night, I retweeted it and commented on Facebook but I just couldn't help but share it since not everyone that visits my blog follows me on Facebook and on Twitter.

I just had to share it to inspire someone. This is one story amongst many that touched my spirit and soul. Reading this man's story brought tears to my eyes. I hope you get inspired by it.

Please do read this story to the end.

Below is the story of James Robertosn from
''Imagine a daily commute of 46 miles through one of Detroit, Michigan’s most dangerous neighbourhoods.
Now imagine it takes 9 hours per day just to get back and forth; for $10.50 per hour; 5 days per week. And oh, by the way? You are walking.
That’s the story of James Robertson, residing in Detroit. For ten years he has made this trudge through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. He starts walking to work at 8 AM for his 2 PM start time. He then ends his day catching a bus for the first 13 miles, and then around 1 AM , begins walking the last 8 miles home. He finally arrives home to see his family 3 hours later at around 4 AM. He’s been doing this for 10 years since his car broke down in 2005, and he decided he couldn’t afford to drive it given his current income level'.
James’ courage and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. A local college student saw James’ story in a local newspaper and got inspired. So much so, that the student, Evan Leedy of Wayne State University, decided to start a Gofundme account to raise money to buy James a car.
Evan’s first goal of $5,000 got achieved. In fact, within one day, ten times that amount got raised by Evan’s goodness and the thousands of people who wanted to follow suit. But the story doesn’t end there; not by a long shot.
Upon seeing and experiencing Evan’s and others generosity within the internet community, a local car dealership then offered to give a new car to James. Upon hearing this generous offer, Ford leadership stepped up, and offered to give a new 2015 Ford Taurus car''.

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Please what does this story teach you?
This story literally means that, God never ever sleeps. Though you might think He has forgotten you, God is working. And the way He will surprise you, you will be blown away and rendered speechless with tears of joy. 


God might not be early but He is NEVER late. 

Be Inspired.

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  1. So touching and inspiring, thanks for sharing.

    Yes our God is NEVER LATE..

    1. You are welcome dear. I am glad you were inspired.
      Please kindly share with others to inspire them too.

  2. Very inspiring story.we have,a faithful God.who will never abandon us his children.thou it might take time.but at the end he surprise's us beyond our imagination.Because am a living proof.


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