Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 3 Of The 28 Days Challenge Of Say NO To Fizzy Drinks, YES To Water!

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Hello Beautiful People!

How did your Day 3 go today? Where you tempted to take fizzy drink today? Please kindly share your Day 3 experience with us.

My Day 3 went really well. NO fizzy drinks today... like our dear Anthonia will say, water all the way! Lol

So my dear people, how was your Day 3?
P.S- Here >>>   is what this challenge is all about.

Please kindly invite your friends to join us in this challenge and together, we will inspire one another. 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Lol,water all the way o.no time.

  2. Awwww. My day was totally out of it. I was tempted ooo. In fact, over temptioussssss.
    After trekking under the hot sun in the streets of Warri hunting for job, OMG, come and see me gasping for air. Didn't know when I sat at this spot and order for a bottle of coca cola.
    Actually, shop number 1 turned me down...,
    See the conversation that ensued below at the wine store:
    Me: Hello madam, I need a bottle of chilled coke too (...saw someone walked out of the shop with a bottle of coke, I never thought of buying coca cola cos of this challenged but needed something chilled to cool off, the coke i saw with that person tempted me. Smoking out ice. Hehe)
    Shop Attendant: Oh, we don't have coke again sir.
    Me: but I just saw someone walked out of this shop with a bottle of coke
    Shop Attendant: Yes, I gave him the last one
    Me: Oopsss. (Abi, Chidinma don come tell this woman say I dey come...)
    Me: Alright
    Shop Attendant: sorry sir but we have other ones, Pepsi...
    Me: no, no, I prefer coke (truth is, coke's never my thing. I always like sprite or 7'up)
    Me: alright (walked out)

    Then I crossed to the other side of the road where I saw more shops.
    The conversation below:
    Me: Maama mingwo (greeted the old woman at the 2nd shop in Urhonor language)
    Maama: Vrendo
    Me: Abeg, your coke cold?
    Maama: E no too cold, but you fit manage am, my pikin, the light here no good. We no see light ON fridge, na generator we dey use small small.
    Me: (Walking away slowly and looking ahead)
    Maama: make I bring am make you check am, if e no cold reach, you leave am.
    Me: Ok ma. (Then, I though to myself, if it's not cold, I will settle for bottled water)
    Maama: See am (she brought the coke)
    Me: e dey ok ma. Thank you. (She offered me a chair and I drank on)...

    After I left, I shouted inside of me, aaaahhhhhh, I don break the rules of this fizzy thingy on Chidinma Inspirations. (Chichi, Paul, and Anthonia, hope you won't sue me to court oo).

    1. Don't worry dear Dauda, there is always tomorrow.
      As long as you had the challenge in mind, you will be just fine. Tomorrow is another day.

    2. Lolzzz, yesterday was cool for me but I break the rules today o. Was tempted too.

      But tomorrow is another day..

  3. Meanwhile, when I got home about 2 hours later, I almost finished 1.5 Ltr of Eva water. Didn't even use glass to serve....


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