Friday, 13 February 2015

Day 13 Of The 28 Days Challenge Of Say NO To Fizzy Drinks YES To Water!

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Hello Beautiful People!

How did your Day 13 go? Was your today's challenge a success? Were you tempted to take any fizzy drink today? Did you drink more water today?

Please kindly share with us how your today's challenge went. 

My today's challenge went pretty well I must say. I found myself craving for green tea more than usual today (you all know how I don't joke with my green tea. Lol). I won't say I drank more water today cos I drink lots of water everyday, so that didn't really change. 

So beautiful people, how did your Day 13 go?  

P.S- If you are yet to join us in this challenge, please do feel free to do so. You are more than welcome to join us.

Please find here what the challenge is all about >>>  

Please do invite your friends to join us in this challenge so that we can inspire one another.

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