Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Can You Leave A High Paying Job To Pursue Your Dreams? Let's Talk

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It's another episode of the In House Round Table Talk. So yesterday, I was thinking about what were going to talk about in today's episode, I asked a friend and she said, why not talk about if people can leave their high paying jobs to pursue their dreams.

Many say they have this great job with an awesome pay but don't feel fulfilled or a sense of purpose. Many say they feel empty even with their high paying jobs. They say, they feel there is something missing. They have this dream that they want to pursue with everything in them but are so afraid that their dreams might not go true or are scared if it is worth losing their jobs for.

This episode is a very sensitive and controversial one. This episode is meant for us to educate one another, learn from one another and inspire one another. This episode is meant to provide answers to people who are desperately seeking for answers on their next big move, that is to quit or not to quit.

My View-

Honestly, the picture above sums up my view on this topic.
I feel there is a difference between a high paying job and a dream job . To many a dream job might be that job they you've always desired to have in life, like working in a particular organisation. While to others a dream job is following your passion, your flare for something. It might be to sing, to write, to speak, to dance, to model, to act etc.

The thing is, before you quit, because there might be times when you feel you don't just belong in a particular place, pray. You need to pray to seek answers. Most times, that job you have might be a gateway to you fulfilling your destiny or to you accomplishing your dreams in life.

Like we made mention here >>>  one needs to have a vision and a mission. To do something, you need to see ahead of what you intend to pursue. You need to have a master plan. Because it will be disastrous if you quit but don't know where to go from there. However, sometimes, all you need to do is to take that giant step...all you to do is to just jump.

When the time comes for you to leave your job to go after your dreams, there will be a sense of conviction and peace within. Nothing on earth can beat a sense of fulfilment, purpose and peace within.

However, I might be wrong. So I humbly need your views on this topic for us to learn from one another and inspire one another.
Don't worry, you view (s) will be greatly respected and appreciated.

Please invite your friends to join us on this topic.

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  1. Hmmmm. This is really controversial. #Chasing Your Dream! #High Paying job! Hehe.
    I don't. Know. Just don't know*

    I'm just gonna hold on and read comments first.

  2. I better stick to my high paying job. I can always achieve my dream with my money. Abeg how do I chase my dream with no financial backup.

    Have got lots of dreams I need money to actualize...

    1. Dear Paul,
      Thank you for view on this topic. It is greatly respected and appreciated.

  3. Nice topic yea! A pity every one is on some oda gossip blogs rather than dropping influential advice here... Good work chidinma. . was looking for answers to this very question pointed the topic on google and u were d first name that came up ... Wud check back to see peoples views...

    1. Dear Pitchersville,

      Thank you for your kind words. I pray you find the answers you are looking for.


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