Sunday, 22 February 2015

About Fifty Shades Of Grey


This movie is the present topic in most people's mouth. It has grossed so much in its first week of release. Rumours have it that it might be one of the biggest hits of all time.

However this movie has been banned from been released or watched in a few countries. Many call it ''the lack of having a business mind and not knowing what is right for the people or what the people wants''. Yes, the movie was banned, however it doesn't stop it from been downloaded. After all, the internet is well accessible to all.

The sad truth is that, many fail to understand that this movie is a future time bomb. I for one have neither watched the movie nor read the book. But many who have, said the sex scenes or the sex violence in the movie or in the book is beyond what they have ever read or seen before.

This is only fuelling sexual immortality or sexual urge in the highest possible way. Sexual immortality or sexual urge is something that cannot be tamed. It is like a virus. It controls the mind, one's thoughts, actions and practically one's way of life.

That been said, our children or younger ones start to practice or do things they are not meant to do at a very tender age. Why? Because the internet is accessible to all and everything can be obtained from the internet. This leading to a rapid increase of rape cases because everyone or most people want to practice or praticalize what they have watched or seen.

As was explained in details here >>>  what we watch, read or listen to have great power over us and one of the most powerful things on earth has to do with what we see/watch. It consumes our mind, our thoughts, our dreams...before we know it, we start to act on it.

Many might say, well I am only trying to improve my sex life with my husband or wife. The sad truth however is that, if the person who has watched the movie is not satisfied with what he or she has practised with his wife or her husband according to the movie, he or she will only be triggered to practise what he or she learnt or seen in the movie outside. This leading to the start of having a broken marriage.

The bible rightly said, ''guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life'' (Proverbs 4:23).

There are many popular movies that you haven't seen and didn't die from not doing so. This too can be among them. Guard your heart and find the will to resist the temptation of watching this movie.

Be Inspired.

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  1. Have heard about the movie,but I don't even have time for it.i pray it remains so.

  2. i heard about it on radio. thanks for the review. i would try to watch it


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