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6 Major Causes Of Skin Breakouts


Skin breakouts can be so unfriendly, annoying and pretty much frustrating. It is not limited to a particular sex type, that is it varies from men to women. It is however mostly found amongst women.

Below are the 6 major causes of skin breakouts:
1) Stress
2) Lack of sleep
3) Sleeping with make-up on
4) Allowing your make-up stay for long before washing it off

5) Sleeping on a dirty pillow casing/beddings
6) Sugar

With the above mentioned, it is safe to say that we all now know how to prevent/mitigate the occurrence of skin breakouts. Right?
So, in order to avoid skin breakouts
1) Rest- find time to rest.
Here is a more detailed article on rest >>> 
2) Sleep- You can be resting but not sleeping. Sleeping is very important. Our body rebuilds itself when we sleep.
3) The importance of not sleeping with make-up on cannot be overemphasised. Aside from it making one age faster, it also causes one's skin to break out.
4) Not washing your make-up on time. That is, letting your make-up stay on your face all day. Many atimes, we really cannot help it especially with the nature of our jobs. However, when we get home, the first thing we need to do, is to wash our make-up off our faces.
5) Sleeping with dirty pillow casing or beddings is pretty much self explanatory. Right?
6) Sugar... Everyone or most people loves sugary things one way or the other. One thing about sugary things is that, aside from it causing skin breakouts, it causes great damage to our health.
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  1. True facts.also keep your hands off your face.just like our last challenge.My two cents

  2. I'm a victim of point 1 and 2. And my skin looks horrible at the moment. I think it's as a result of heat (hot weather) in my new abode. Yes!


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