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What Is The Impact/Effect Of Flaunting One's Relationship On Social Media? Let's Talk

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It is another episode of the In House Round Table Talk where we all come together as a family, discuss, argue in love for one goal to be achieved...which is inspiring one another and learning from another on the topic at hand.

Many atimes when we are in love, we can't help but share the news to whoever that cares to listen and most times, the best avenue to do that is on the social media. What do you think is the impact or effect of flaunting one's relationship on social media? Do you think it has a positive or negative effect on one's relationship? Do you think the parties involved end up losing each other as a result of the social media involvement in their relationship? 

Today's  In House Round Table Talk is a  very interesting one and I humbly need your (both boys and girls, guys and ladies, men and women) views on this topic. Don't worry, I will share my views with you okay? 
This episode is meant to inspire and educate us on the advantages and dangers of flaunting our relationships on social media. It is meant to inspire us on ways to have a long lasting relationship particularly if it is someone we love. It is also meant to open our eyes on the healthy impacts and dangers one get's to face when we flaunt our relationships on social media.

My View On This Topic
Being in love is one of the most beautiful things on earth. There is this joy within that you just can't contain by yourself and will love to share it with others. You share the news and what goes on in your relationship with everyone... including those on the social media. 

Like it was explained here >>>  the dangers of airing your business on social media particularly your relationship is way more than its healthy impacts/benefits.

The healthy impact is that many or a few people tend to be happy for you and say nice things on how you guys look good together and on how he spoils you with gifts. Cos you believe that these people are genuinely happy for you. You tend to share more about your relationship with them not knowing that the more you share, the more you end your relationship without you even knowing it. Because everyone now has a say on your relationship. 
A relationship that is meant to be for 2 becomes a relationship for millions of people. Your mind gradually becomes poisoned on their various opinions. You start seeing all the wrong things in your relationship that you actually didn't mind before or compromised on. That relationship you adore, you gradually begin to kill it without you even knowing. 

Another sad part of it all is that there are people scheming for ways behind your back to either steal him or her from you or do everything within their power to ensure that your relationship ends. 

Lastly, The truth is, not everything you see and read on social media is true. There are many things that happen behind lose doors that you do not know about. People most times tell you the great things about their relationship and completely hold back on the painful and sad things. What is now more sad is that, we then tend to compare our relationships with them. 

My views might be so different from yours and I am not here to judge anyone whatsoever. Your views will be totally respected and appreciated. So my dear readers, I leave the comment section to you. Let's inspire ourselves and learn from one another on this topic. 

What Is The Impact/Effect Of Flaunting One's Relationship On Social Media?

Please invite your friends to join us on this topic.

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Be Inspired.

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  1. I asked you for a banner exchange, or you don't get it?

  2. Except you are a cast on keeping up with the kardashians, your relationship should be kept away from public scrutiny or 'praise'. Trust me, it thrives better that way.

    1. There's nothing wrong in coming openings to declare your love for someone. But do it with moderation.

    2. Dear DatIgboChick, I respect and appreciate your view in this topic.

  3. O di egwu... my boo wont even let me post his picture up. and me, I'm starting to suspect he has a side chick so, thank you for this post bcos I'm going kita to put up me and his pictures together to scare away all these unscrupulous girls

    1. You see now. This contradict your first post.

  4. O di egwu...my boo wont let me put up his picture. but I ve started suspecting he has a side chick. So, thank you for this post, bcos I'm going kita to put up our lovey dovey pics to scare away all these unscrupulous girls.

  5. Social media or no social media. What will happen will still happen.
    I'm not against it. But it should be don with some mannerism.

    1. Dear Dauda, I respect and appreciate your view on this topic.

  6. And where's my wife Anthonia. Lol.
    Paul, I still dey vex for you. Don't even come in here anywhere near me oo. Hehe.

  7. Hmmm, this got me thinking, on the actual fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing your partner to the face of the world, it doesn't guarantee a safe relationship and it doesn't keep one or break it, what happens in a relationship depends totally on the partners involved. Tho there are haters every where, but I think relationships should be kept away from the social media until both partners are ready to walk down the aisle and can post pictures afterwards since they are married.

    But if you post when you aren't sure of a future with your current partner and then things didn't workout.... Then you go over deleting such picture, which I found totally disgusting... Its better hidden till you are sure of your future with your partner....

    Aliu.... Am really sorry, been super busy lately... Happy belated birthday, may God bless your new age. I promise to do something on our earlier discussion before the week runs out...

    Miss everybody here, I read the post always but not really chanced to comment most times...

    1. Dear Paul, I respect and appreciate your view on this topic.
      ...We miss you too.

  8. This topic is a very delicate one,and I think there is nothing absolutely wrong showcasing your relationship on social media.but at the same time should be done in moderation,the picture on this post says it all,no relationship or marriage is a bed of roses...i especially do no go gaga over ones relationship because I do not know what goes on behind closed doors...whether social media love or not,what will be will be...this is my opinion.

    1. Dear Anthonia, I respect and appreciate your views on this topic.


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