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Two Most Powerful Things Created By God In The Body Of Man


The tongue and the mind are the two most powerful things created by God in the human body. Imagine it, think it, speak it  and it is so.God works with our words. 

Your mind, imagines. Your head, thinks. Your hands, work. Your mouth, brings result. No matter how hard you have worked, your mouth is what brings result cos God works with our words. No wonder the bible says, life and death lies with the tongue. It went further to say, choose life. 

The company you keep are determining factors of what you imagine, think and speak. What you watch and listen are also determining factors to what you imagine, think and speak. What you choose to believe is a determining factor to what you imagine, think and say. 

99.9% of what we say is as a result of what we thought of or have been thinking of or we had in mind. That means we must be careful of the things that comes out of our mouth. Cos it is what we say that is established in Heaven and gives us result. No wonder the bible said in Ecclesiastes 5:6 ''Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before thy angel, that it was an error; wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands?''. 

Many a times, we so work hard, we do great things but discover that no great result is coming forth. Most times we tend to get frustrated and give up. But if we really think deep, we will discover that, results are not coming forth because we are hindering them from doing so. 

The above passage makes us to understand that whether we like it or not, there is an angel assigned to every human by God. Now this angel reports back to Heaven our every first word. For example, say Mr A is writing an exam or going for an interview or working on a project and he says to himself ''I don't think I will pass this exam or job interview or come out successful in this project''. But immediately says, ''No, I will pass it (any of them 3 in question)''. 
Now, what the angel does is that, it takes and establishes Mr A's first word(s)... that is, he won't pass that exam or interview or project. 
That's why God went further to say, don't tell your angel that what you said was an error and you end up destroying the works f your hands. Meaning be very cautious of what comes of your mouth because the angel won't hear that it was an error.

As earlier stated, our words are the products of our thoughts and it is our words that brings results. Do the best you can always but never forget, it is what you say after your hard work that brings the result. Our words creates, our words builds, our words destroys. Choose to build and create. Always be positive in your thoughts and words of mouth. Always discipline what you think of or imagine. Always discipline what you say. Cos when it comes out of your mouth, you will never get to take it/them back. 

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