Sunday, 18 January 2015

Tomorrow Is Pregnant.


It is funny how destiny plays itself out sometimes. 

Many a times, we might think that it is just luck or coincidence, little did we know that, there is no such thing as luck or coincidence in God's dictionary. It is called purpose. It has all been planned from the word go. 
That is why, it is never ever okay to judge, despise, condemn or criticise people. Do you know why? This is because, tomorrow is pregnant and you do not know what it will give birth to. 

The pauper you see/know today might become a very powerful man tomorrow who you may need a favour from. You can ask President Obama and President Goodluck.
Someone everyone calls a nobody, that he/she will never make it in life, might end up becoming a living legend tomorrow. You can ask Michael Jordan. 

A person everyone calls an empty skull today might become a renowned surgeon or doctor tomorrow. You can ask Ben Cason. 

God doesn't choose/call the prepared. He prepares who He calls. 
The story of the birth of Jesus (The Almighty God) is a very interesting one. Yes, we all know that Jesus came from the lineage of David. But did you know that out of all the sons of David, Jesus came from the lineage of Solomon?

You might know where I am heading to now right?

We all know how David met Bathsheba, the mother of Solomon (You can find that in 2 Samuel 11). We all know that the result of David and Bathsheba meeting died. After then, David and Bathsheba got married and conceived Solomon. 

Many might have called her a slut. Of course, God punished David for his actions but He still forgave and blessed him. 
No wonder the bible says ''for moreover, who he did predestinate, them he also called and who he called, them he also, justified and who he justified, them he also glorified''. 
That is why I ask, who really are we to condemn, despise, judge or criticise those who do wrong? Cos we really are no better and we just never know what God has to say on that matter.  

If you are going through depression right now, because of the rejection, criticism. condemnation of people, I leave you with this ''For every tears comes a smile. For every pain comes strength. God trains a man before He showcases him to the world''. 

Your mistakes or present situation are not for anyone to condemn or judge you. Because no one is without sin and no one's life is perfect. Ask God to forgive you and hand everything excluding nothing over to Him. 

Now I say, clean your eyes, wipe away your tears and smile cos your tomorrow is pregnant. 
Something must happen for something to happen. What God will make your tomorrow give birth to, will make many think that it is magic or luck or a coincidence. But God will smile and say ''No, it isn't magic or luck or coincidence. It is my child's time. It is my child's destiny. It is my child's purpose''. 
Then God will say to you ''my child, I had you in my mind all along. I was just working for your tomorrow when your yesterday was rough. Now dear child, sit on your throne of excellence and glorify my name''. 

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