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The MYTH Of Success By Emeka Nwarulor


This post I will say is Friday Inspirations (here >>>  is what Friday Inspirations means) coming early. This is not to say Friday Inspirations will not hold tomorrow, of course it will. So why am I publishing this today?

A friend of mine (pictured above) shared a BC on BBM a while back (funny as it may sound on the 3rd of January, 2015) and this BC just kept ministering to me in my subconscious.
My mind kept telling me to publish this BC as a post that someone out there needs to hear/read this.
So I contacted my friend and ''he said but that BC was sent a while ago...He managed to find it and so here it is. I hope this inspires someone. ENJOY!
''BIG BRAND YOU™ - 3rd January 2015

The MYTH of Success 

Good afternoon,

I officially welcome you to 2015 with my first broadcast on BIG BRAND YOU series. 

This year shall be the best year you have ever experienced in Jesus name... *before you shout AMEN* 


There’s a MYTH floating around…and it’s time we address it head on.
You have this THING you want to do. And you tell yourself this (2015) shall be the year you’ll do it. Let me warn you…come a few days or weeks from now you will be faced with this MYTH.

It’s called; The MYTH of Success

We have a tendency to believe that those who succeed have *something* we just don’t have. Just weren’t born with. Simply can’t learn, gain, or access.
A skill, a connection, a handsomeness, a secret. 

We wrongly believe this something is why THEY are successful and we are not yet. Why they ACCOMPLISHED the thing, while we sit back dreaming, judging, complaining, or comparing.

FACT: There is no SOMETHING.

Imagine someone you admire. Are they confident, capable, and accomplished? SURE they are now, but it wasn’t always like this.
It’s crucial we do not study people’s END results…but rather study their FIRST steps.
You see…when they started out they were like YOU.

Hopeful…but terrified.
Earnest…but overlooked.
Somewhat talented…yet unrefined.
Excited…but lacking in answers and resources. 

They were a rough draft.

The difference between them and you is not talent, resources, attractiveness, or pedigree.
The difference is they got STARTED and they did not QUIT.

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.”

Are you ready? 
Of course I am ready...LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!

You're amazingly Unstoppable!

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Be Inspired.

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