Saturday, 10 January 2015

Stepping Out In Style On Coloured Suits : Men


Men are known to be safe with colours especially when it has to do with their outfits. They usually go for things that are simple, not too loud with colours and comfortable, that is black, brown or grey. Which by the way is great.

P.S- This post is different from The Never Ending Fashion Style : Coloured Blazers ... Men >>> 
The above has to do with just blazers, while this post has to do with suits.

It is also commonly believed that only the women play around with colours especially bright colours and men shouldn't be associated with bright colours. It is believed that men won't look masculine on bright colours. Well... I believe that men can look masculine, charming and like Kings on what ever outfit colour they choose.

 Also, the pictures will prove the saying that men won't look masculine on bright colours wrong. I hope you get inspired by them. ENJOY!



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  1. Great and interesting post..... I enjoy reading it.

  2. Thank you dear Kayode. I am glad you were inspired.
    Please help share with others to inspire them too.

  3. Replies
    1. Anthonia, you've refuse to send my share of that card abi? Christmas is 15days..... There's God oo


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