Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sharing My Thoughts With You- Part 2


Sharing my thoughts with you is just something I decided to be doing. There are some thoughts that come to me that I can't keep it in alone, I just have to share it/them with you. Here >>>  is the Part 1 of sharing my thoughts with you

So yesterday, I was at work when a strong thought hit me so hard that I had to cringe. The thought was, while everyone is doing what they are doing, some are working, some are getting married, some are writing exams, some are eating, some are travelling, some are winning contracts etc

and rapture takes place now (Acts 1:9 - 11), what will you do? Who is 100% sure that he or she will make it? The funny this is, a post on this titled The Unexpected Visit... RAPTURE!!! >>>  was recently published. 

Most times we get so got up in many things like succeeding in life, planning a wedding, buying the latest cars, building a house, writing a book, owning a business... but fail to remember or have it at the back of our minds that we all are mere sojourners on this earth. That this earth is not our final destination. 

Many a times, we fail to remember that there are 2 destinations and everyone must end up in one... Heaven or Hell. This destination is forever and ever... till eternity. For example, the oldest man to ever live on the surface of the earth was Methuselah, he lived 969 years on earth (Genesis 5:27), but till eternity means, there is no end. 

The post on The Unexpected Visit...RAPTURE!!! might somewhat look scary and how many might not believe but in actual fact, that is just reality and the truth. It was also explained in the post why it seems as though rapture will take place any moment from now. 

...So I leave you and I with this question

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  1. Hmmmm.... What shall it profits a man to gain the whole world ... But misses heaven....

    Great and inspiring post....

    God's mercy is all I ask for....

    1. I am glad you were inspired dear Paul.
      Hopefully in the end, it will end in praise.


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