Friday, 30 January 2015

Say NO To Fizzy Drinks, YES to Water!


This is the official announcement for our next challenge which will start on the 1st of February. Our last challenge (please find that here >>>   in case you missed it) was indeed a great success.

It was explained in details here >>>  the great importance of drinking water and detriment of what the regular intake of fizzy drinks can cause to our health. We also made mention in that post that drinking water is one of the healthiest things we can ever do.

I was surprised when Paul said here >>>  that he will add the regular intake of water as part of his next challenge together with our upcoming challenge. I was like how did he know? Lol

This challenge is somewhat an interesting one considering the fact that in Nigeria or should I say in Africa, the weather is pretty hot at the moment and abroad like in the US and in the UK, the weather is pretty cold at the moment.
There is currently an heavy pour of snow in the US and UK so everyone will be close to their coffee cups and kettles while everyone in Nigeria and in Africa will be close to their fridges for cold drinks/water.

So let's try to challenge ourselves and see how far we will go with this challenge. Let's see if we can do away with fizzy drink for 28 days. It might not be easy, there are times that we will fall short but the important thing is that we are giving this challenge our best shot.

As mentioned earlier, the challenge will start on the 1st of February by the grace of God and end on the 28th of February. A banner will be placed on the left hand side of this blog for 28 days to keep us all motivated. So whenever you are feeling demotivated or the you have the urge to give up, you can just click on the banner, read this post again to be motivated.

I am looking forward to our journey on this challenge. SEE YOU ON THE 1ST OF FEBRUARY BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

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  1. Ok now, let's start the water Challenge... Can't do without coke a day o. Hope it's allowed.. *shines teeth.

    Guess am in spirit with our next challenge.

    Let's take away sugary drinks and make water our friend..

  2. This will sure be less challenging.

  3. This will be my best challenge because i would rather take water,than fizzy drinks in my daily life.So am so ready for challenge.


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