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Is It That Terrible To Have Only Female Children? Let's Talk

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It is another episode of In House Round Table Talk. Someone suggested that we talk about this topic today and I said why not?

In today's episode, we will be discussing about if it is a terrible thing to have only female children.
Many atimes, when a child is born, the first question that is asked is, is the baby a boy or girl? When people hear a boy they rejoice but when people hear a girl, most times they say ''thank God for safe delivery'' and they keep things moving. Many feel if female children are born and no male children, then it is regarded that no child has been born.

Is having female children that terrible? Are female children not humans?

Most times, the mother is not even considered in all these. That is, how she carried her baby for 9 or 10 months.
The stress she went through to carry her child. The body changes she experiences (Her beauty fading and her body expanding and her stomach stretching). The pains of pushing out her baby, only for child to be seen as somewhat less worthy.

So I ask, Is it that terrible to have only female children? I humbly need you views on this topic to make this episode an interactive and educative episode.

This is to inspire others, to see everyone no matter the sex as equals. This is to inspire us to understand that every sex matters.

My View 
I feel society has made it somewhat terrible to have female children not to talk of birthing only female children. But at the same thing, it is of utmost importance to understand that it is only God that gives children... male or female.

I feel, the way the world is going now, men and women now have equal rights and power or should I say, women are now also doing what men are doing.
It is very understandable when people say that when a female marries she goes ahead and bears her husband name, leaving her father's name behind. That who will retain the family name? That is why having male children even if it is just one is very important.
I will say, is it bad to add the woman father's name to her surname? For example Blessing (Father's name) (Husband's name)?

I don't know...

My dear readers, I leave the comment section for you to share your views on this topic. Please what do you feel?
Don't worry, feel free to express your opinion on this topic. Your views will be humbly respected and appreciated.

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  1. To have kids be he male or female is a blessing,but if the society have just male,how will he or his generation multiply without the women ? Any way when your married your start to answer your husband's name,that's the tradition,its depends on your hubby allowing you to include your dad's name.its all comes down to communication.

    1. Dear Anthonia, I humbly respect and appreciate your view on this topic.

  2. No matter what sex a child is, I believe it's a blessing from God and people should stop attaching one importance or the other to the sex of a child.

    Either a male child or a female child, may God be praise and any of them could become great in future.

    1. Dear Paul, I humbly respect & appreciate your view on this topic,

  3. The bible says children are a gift from God and happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.....i didn't read anything like male or female there....where tha heck did society get their ideas from? ....

    1. Dear Emmanuel, I humbly respect & appreciate your view on this topic.

  4. GOD is the giver of children....anyman or in law that complains of female children should go and create their own let's see

    1. Dear Anonymous, I humbly respect & appreciate your view on this topic.


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