Saturday, 31 January 2015

I Wish...


Many say wishes do come true. While many do say, if wishes were horses, beggars will ride. That is, there is a very slim chance of wishes coming true.
However, be it as it may, it is never a crime to wish. Cos somehow, some way, wishes do find its way of coming true.
I wish there was peace in the world.
I wish there were only tears of joy in the world.
I wish the helpless will be helped.
I wish the hungry will be fed.
I wish the homeless will be housed.
I wish the naked will be clothed.
I wish the raped will find justice.
I wish the depressed will be joyful again.
I wish the jilted will find a reason (s) to smile again.
I wish the mocked, humiliated and the criticised will be praised.
I wish the deserted will be remembered.
I wish those seeking for a miracle will be mind-blown with multiple miracles.
I wish the spinsters will find their own true love.
I wish the bachelors will find their own true love.
I wish we are not defined by the colours of our skin but by what we have to offer...
...I wish there was nothing like racism.
I wish those called ''a nobody'' will become somebody.
I wish those finding it difficult with academics or with life as a whole will find help in ways they never ever imagined.
I wish the oppressed will be rescued.
I wish the eyes that cries to bed every night will be wiped.
I wish those without jobs will find jobs.
I wish those in the quest of finding their purpose, will find great answers to their questions.
I wish there will be joy, laughter and smiles in the faces of all.
Above all, I wish, everyone will know God.

Wishes somehow some way will come true.

Be Inspired.

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Yours Truly,

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  1. I wish I have a job.
    I wish I have a home of my own.
    I wish people will just stop over hyping me.
    I wish I get all the love I ever wanted.
    I wish I have enough to buy my mom a car
    I wish I have enough to buy my mom a house.
    I wish I have enough to send my lil sister to school
    I wish I get all of the education I ever wanted
    I wish I wish.
    Wishes, please come true.


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