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How To Completely Eliminate Dandruff From Your Hair And Scalp


Before we continue, for easy understanding of this article, we need to define what dandruff is. According to Google Dictionary, ''Dandruff is a small pieces of dead skin in a person's hair''

Dandruff is one of the most annoying and embarrassing things you can ever think of. The sad thing about dandruff is that it is not restricted to gender or age. Many atimes what you actually think is dandruff might not even be dandruff but a parasite. There are some types of dandruff that sticks to your scalp or that forms embarrassing patches on your scalp which you later get to see as you read further. 

Dandruffs most times restricts how you move for fear of people hugging you or coming near you... for fear of been embarrassed.
Dandruff makes you scared of people or people coming near you. Many a times, you dress up looking great only to turn and see dandruff all over your body and clothes.

Now that we are in the cold and dry season, dandruff tends to show itself more on a person's hair.

Many feel that the application of hair cream eliminates or gets rid of dandruff. However, contrary to this belief, hair creams attracts more dandruff to your hair and scalp. 

With the above mentioned, how does one completely eliminate dandruff from his/her hair and scalp. 

One of the most effective ways to get completely get rid of dandruff is to use a shampoo that contains the following ingredients:
- Sulfide
- Ketoconazole

You could also find shampoos that have the below ingredients in them. 
- Salicylic acid
- Zinc Pyrithione 
But please note that shampoos that contains Sulfide and Ketoconazole are shampoos that are most effective in completely eliminating your dandruff and when washing your hair, please avoid, aggressive combing. Also improve your diet by eating foods that contains more of zinc and Vitamin B.  

As was earlier mentioned, there are some types of dandruff that sticks to your scalp or that forms embarrassing patches on your scalp.  provides natural remedies on how to eliminate dandruff from your hair and scalp and it is:
''Mix a small cup of yoghurt with the juice of a lemon and apply this mask on the scalp. Wash after half an hour.
After each wash, rinse your hair with a mixture of one liter of cold water and two tablespoons of apple vinegar.
Massage your scalp with olive oil, wait half an hour, then wash your hair.
Wash your scalp with an infusion of nettle''.

P.S- Please note that, there are times you can mistake a dry scalp or a dehydrated scalp for a hair with dandruff. The reason for having a dry scalp is when you frequently make use of a harsh soap or shampoo. 
One of the ways to get rid of a dehydrated scalp is to improve your diet. Include more of Vitamins, especially Vitamin C to your diet, fatty acid and protein like fish. 
Please bear in mind that this will take time t be completely eliminated But the more faithful you are with your diet, the better your chances are of getting rid of a dry/dehydrated scalp.  

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