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He Was Rejected After 300 Applications And Now He Is Hiring!


I found this story on the internet and thought I should share it here. This is for people out there who have tried several times in getting a great job or even a job at all and are now at the edge of giving up.
Please do not give up. Help is on the way.

I hope this story inspires you. ENJOY!

Alfred Ajani is a Nigerian born British who graduated from the Coventry University with a 2.1 in Marketing. After applying for jobs and was rejected 300 times, he decided to do something people would normally not do.

He stood outside London Waterloo's railway station and held up the post you see above. He started handing out his CVs to people and to his great amazement, he was hired by a recruitment consulting firm by name The Asoria Group.

This act of his made, him gain respect from employers and people all over the world.

A year later, he is the Marketing, PR and Projects Manager at The Asoria Group and has decided to return to the same spot he stood a year ago looking for job to hire others.

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Something must happen for something to happen. Like Steve Harris always say, ''it is not what you do not have that limits you, it is what you have but do not know how to use''. He also do say ''Give God something to work with''.

Now I say to you to today, give God your zeal... your zeal to make a difference, give God your strength, give God your determination, give God your effort ... give God something and watch Him amaze you with something beyond your wildest imagination.

Above all, Do Not Ever Give Up You Are Closer Than You Think.

Be Inspired.

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  1. Don't give up hope in every aspect of life.Good for him finally

  2. Divine intervention!!! Miracle


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