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Friday Inspirations: Stay In The Process By An Anonymous Writer


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Matthew 3:15 "Suffer it to be so now......... Then he suffered Him"

There are so many of life experiences that we pass through that may not look important to us considering the wonderful visions that God has revealed to us. God reveals wonderful things to us about our future but takes us down a contradictory path to get us there. His processes are often always the opposite of His promises to us but in the end, we arrive at the promises.

Several instances in scriptures, we see this truth been revealed. Abraham was promised a child and went on to experience barrenness for another 25years. Joseph was promised a throne and went on to experience slavery instead. David was even anointed king and further went to a position of having to hide in order to secure his life.

When God promises you north, don't be surprised to find Him leading you south. This simply means that there are experiences we must make happen and there are experiences we must let happen. The things we make happen are within our control while the things we let happen are beyond our influence. We can describe the things we must let happen as our processes.

Our processes are the refineries of our destiny. They convert us from raw material to finished products. They birth character in us. When Jesus said they help us fulfil all righteousness, He meant that they help cork the bottles of our existence.

One thing most believers need in other to fulfil their righteous walk is a Godly character which serves as the bottle cork of our destiny and can only be developed by passing through seemingly unnecessary and difficult processes.

What then do we do in these moments? How do we handle them, how do we deal with these processes that attempt to weary us and break the camel backs of our destiny? The answer is to let them happen. In our saviours words, suffer it to be so now.

Your process might be a job that you hate, judgemental and critical parents, an abusive or nagging spouse, a disease or sickness, a physical deformity or even a difficult lecturer or subject in school. Whatever it is, suffer it to be so now. They have ultimately been designed by God to birth and reveal something in you that He concealed at creation.

Diamond, the most valuable stone is simply a hunk of coal that stuck to its job (suffered it to be so now) and became good as a result of the pressure of intense heat.
Choose to stay today. When man fell into sin, what seemed like a perfectly designed man became deformed and salvation became God's emergency number for the restoration of man. Apart from salvation, I believe that God has also sent us other tools to roster mans reformation back to factory setting. Some of these tools are The word, marriage and our seemingly unenjoyable processes. They serve as the sand paper of our destiny that attempt to smoothen out all our rough edges. Prophet Jeremiah describes this as the marring and the making into something that seemed good process (Jeremiah 18:1-4).

At whatever level you find yourself at in life, stay in your process. It may be hot, frustrating, smelly, annoying or even depressing, but stay there.

Whenever you feel like throwing in the towel or hanging your boots, just imagine what would have become of Joseph if he had given up before the throne or if Jesus had insisted that the cup be taken away from Him (Matthew 26:39).

Like Abraham who took the easy way out of the process by sleeping with the maid, the promise of God would still stand. But you may have to live with the consequences of your process avoidance.

Remember that those who run from their battles today would live long enough to fight the same battle again another day until they win it.

Stay in your process.

Be Inspired.

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  1. Aww. The below paragraph and the last three paragraphs touched me deep down.

    "At whatever level you find yourself at in life, stay in you process. It may be hot, frustrating, smelly, annoying or even
    depressing, but stay there."

    They worth meditating on.
    God bless the writer and bless you too Chi mo for sharing.
    I'm just gonna lay on my bed now and think the rest of the night out.

    1. I am glad you were inspired dear Dauda.
      Please do share with others to inspire them too. God bless you too dear.


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