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Friday Inspirations: How To Make Your Dreams Come True By Chiamaka Nneka


Hello dear Chiamaka Nneka, we are so happy to be inspired by you again. This is the continuation of Chiamaka Nneka's great write on Look There, It's 2015!.. Hello Handsome... please you can find that here >>>  

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The long awaited and anticipated 2015 is finally here! Hey handsome! I am diligently working on my dreams and goals. What about yours?

Allow me a peek into your dream journal. Do I see dreams and goals  relating to  personal development, your career path, your finances, physical health, relationships (your God, family, friends and fr-enemies)? Mine reveals dreams such as relate better with my creator, have another source (s) of income, at least double my current earning capacity, get in shape, travel to a 'romantic' country, practice humility and kindness, fall deeper in love with my significant other, get some tight abs, etc.
Do you know that your dreams and goals are interwoven and affect each other? Yes? Good. Now, what steps have you taken in preparation of achieving these set goals? Let us take a look together.


Pray. Become intimate with your creator king. Know God's purpose for you. Internalise that vision and align your dreams it.

Set SMART goals against your vision and dreams. How realistic are your expectations? Do not underestimate yourself but please do not set yourself up either.

Prioritise. Categorise your dreams into the 'must haves', the 'should haves' and the 'can live withouts'. Let your level of energy/input be commensurate with your priorities.

Next, Set daily goals that culminate into weekly goals, quarterly goals, year end goals. E.g 50 sit ups every morning consistently will probably culminate into a nice set of 2 pacs by June and 4 pacs by December ( oh yes, I must have those abs).

Finally, have an effective feedback mechanism to measure your progress and keep you accountable. Do you have anyone to keep you accountable?


You need successful mentors or role models. Observe habits of people who have succeed in your areas of interest and learn from their successes as well as their failures.

A famous Bantu assertion says, 'Umuntu, ngumuntu Ngabantu :- A person is a person because of other persons!'

Maintain a healthy and productive relationship circle. Walk in the company of the wise. Relate with people whose presence in your life helps you to get better. Discard people who celebrate your mediocrity and ignorance.

Burn useless bridges, build productive ones. Surround yourself with people who can bridge the gap between who you are right now and who you need to become.


Have a goal buddy (ies). This simply means someone who has similar goals as you. This provides constant motivation and accountability.

Be equipped. Attend relevant seminars to your goals. Read related literatures on it. Invest in goal setting tools (a lot of high end tech and worksheets are available, but good ole journal and pen is effective too)

Pray. Pray. Pray. Enough said.

Finally, have fun on your way to timbuktu (or wherever your dreams are taking you to). Enjoy the moment! (can't honestly say I enjoy my bus hustling mornings but oh well *sighs*). 

Oogway said and I quote "you are too concerned with what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why its called the present. " (did you get it? The present? Yeah, me too, didn't quite get it the first time)

Live abundantly. Laugh. Love. And I agree totally with Po, there's no price for awesomeness, so, Be Awesome!
Be You.
Have a blessed 2015!

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  1. Great steps... reading again to put into practice....

    2015.... year of Achieving Big Dreams

  2. I quite agree with this,however I dont think I'll whole heartedly agree with you saying "set realistic goals". Once your heart concieves it,you can achieve it. I believe in those dream that makes me scared,those dreams that'll make me wake in the middle of the night to think.and this is what I tell my blog readers too. (I dont know if I made a point)

  3. Nice piece. Whatever Goals we set today, the should align with our God given purpose in life.


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