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Different Ways To Look Like A King With Your Hairstyle- African Men


We on this blog are all about inspiring one another in terms of fashion to dress, look and feel like kings for men (here>>>    is what that means in case you missed it) and to dress, look and feel like queens (look and feel beautiful).

The thing is no matter how put together one tend to be, that is in terms of his clothes, shoes and sometimes a bag, if his hair isn't okay, his whole outfit isn't right.
This is just to say that one's hair is as important as the clothes he chooses to wear or spend so much on.

A man's hair and his breads goes hand in hand. This is to say, that you cannot have your hair all shaved with your breads not trimmed or kempt and vice versa. It doesn't sit right. It doesn't make you look like a king and it sure doesn't command the king like respect you deserve knowing fully well that you are a king.

I know many men might be saying ''well, you are a lady. What do you know?'' I know I am a lady but I also know what looks great on a man and what doesn't. So does every lady you know. It won't be a lie if I say, that every man wants to be respected, honoured and complimented every time he steps out of his home even without saying it, right?

Remember the popular saying that goes, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed? First impression is really what matters because most times, you might not get an opportunity for a second impression or it is one's first impression that gives him an opportunity for a second.

Please not that this has nothing to do with your appearance before you approach a lady. Rather, this has everything to do with how you dress and look as a whole. Remember that you are king, hence you need to dress, look and feel like a king that you are.

Below pictures of are different ways to look like a king with your hairstyles. I hope you get inspired by them Enjoy!

Did you notice how well groomed the hair of the men in the pictures are? Did you noticed how well shaved or trimmed their breads are? Did how well groomed the man with the afro hair is? 

This is to say that, you can have your hair not so low and till have it looking kempt, leaving you looking and feeling like the king that you are. 

Be Inspired To Dress, Look And Feel Like A King

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  1. Cool. But don't think I will ever trade my waves for any of these. @Paul, over to you.


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