Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 28 Of The 30 Days Challenge Of KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE!


Wow! It's 2 more days before the 30 Days Challenge comes to an end! It has indeed been a journey. 
I will miss this challenge. But come to think of it, this challenge has grown on me now... so I guess I won't really miss it cos it is now part of me. 

So dear beautiful people, how was your Day 28? Any improvements today? Did you touch your face unnecessarily today? Please do share your Day 28 experience with us. 
My Day 28 went well actually. I didn't touch my face. Thank God. Lol
What of you lovely people, how did your Day 28 go?

P.S- If you are interested in joining us, it is never too late. Here is a post about the challenge >>> 

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  1. I'm a better man now. No face touching. I carry the matter for heart. Lol. Aaaaahhh. 2 days?!

    1. That's great dear. Good job!
      Funny right? Yeah the challenge is almost over.

  2. My day 28 was okay,as a matter of fact I didn't touch my face at all.

  3. Hello dear chi,I sent you a mail.please check it out.tnx


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