Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 17 Of The 30 Days Challenge Of KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE!


Hello Beautiful People!

I hope your day went well today? How was your Day 17? Was it a struggle? Were you concious of it? Did you of touch your face today? 

My day went well today, thank God. Did I touch my face today? Sadly I did, like 2 times. Hopefully I won't touch it tomorrow and the days after. 
So my dear people, please how did your Day 17 go?

If you are a curious as to what The 30 Days Challenge means, please do find out here >>>  and it is not late to join us. You are welcome with open arms to join us. 

Be Inspired To Look And Feel Healthy.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Am so happy because I just saw this post and was like,wow I didn't touch my face at all so proud of myself today.

    1. Wow! That's great dear. Keep it up. Good job dear!

  2. Day 17 was extra worse, I think I know why. I apologize.

    1. Awww... Don't worry dear, today & the days following will be better.


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