Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 14 Of The 30 Days Challenge Of KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE!


Hello My Dear People!

How was your day? How did your Day 14 go? Any improvement? Where you concious of it? Was it a struggle for you? 
Please do share your experience with us.
My day went pretty well till a friend wanted to greet me and before I knew what was going on, she touched my face. Sigh! Aside from that I didn't touch my face. *Dancing* It was a struggle to be honest. There were times when my faced itched, I just didn't touch it. I wanted to several times but I didnt. *dancing* I pray it continues like this.

So my dear people, how did your  day 14 go? 

P.S- If you are interested in joining us, it is never too late. Here is a post about the challenge >>> 

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Yours Truly,

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  1. Replies
    1. I am glad you are making progress dear. With time, you will be amazed of how you will get use to it before The 30 Days Challenge is over.

    2. i hope so. im beginning to make conscious effort to that effect

  2. Am trying this days lol,i didn't touch my face,not until hubby touched my face and asked where is this tiny pimple from?.and i said it will disappear soon.

    1. Lol. Well, I did say, you did a perfect job for your Day 14. You didn't touch your face.
      I am so sorry to hear about your pimples dear.


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