Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Colour Combinations- Episode 5: Colours You Can Combine With Pink


Another episode on colour combinations is long over due. We started our very first episode of colour combinations here >>>   and we are now in our fifth episode.
Today, we will be inspiring ourselves on colours that go so well with pink.

Rather than always shopping for more clothes or abandoning some clothes because of their colours, there are different ways to combine your outfit so well with the colours you have in your closest and still come and looking like a queen or king that you are.

The colour pink is commonly known to be a girly (feminine) colour and is most times not associated with men. However, we find ourselves owing one or two outfits with this unique colour anyway.

I know some guys may be saying ''Pink? Really? That is a girl's colour... This has nothing to do with me''.  But as you read further, you will see that this also has to do with you and I hope you get inspired by it.

Below are pictures of men and women radiantly looking elegant and classy as they combine their outfits with pink. ENJOY!

Pink and red

Pink, Green and Grey 
Pink, Red and Green

Light Purple and Pink

Pink and Yellow

Pink, Blue and Grey or Pink and Blue


Lemon and Pink 

P.S- I know we talked here >>>  on men looking like kings even when they are colour blocking. But there are some colour combinations that might not really go so well on men... Combinations like yellow and pink or lemon and pink.

Please do feel free to also share with us, colours that you think might go well with the colour pink.

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I hope you have been inspired by this post. Please do share with others to inspire them too.

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  1. Love the and yellow is so lovely.

    1. I am glad you were inspired dear.
      Please do share with others to inspire them too.

  2. Ok. Some combinations are popping. Others, not so popping.

  3. I just love any colours that goes well on me, me don't really like a flashy colour... I better go with the regular pink on black...

    Nice combinations tho...

    1. You really never know until you try right?
      But whatever you are more confident on/in, is what you should go with.


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