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BOOK REVIEW: The Princess By Lori Wick

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We made mention here >>>   about a new forum titled BOOK REVIEW that will soon kick off on this blog. This post officially marks the beginning of our BOOK REVIEW forum.  I hope you are excited as I am?

I decided to start this forum with my BEST book of all time. I love this book with everything in me. I have read this book close to 7 times now. The great thing about this book is that it is not for the ladies alone cos I am sure, some guys will be saying ''What kind of book title is this?''. Lol
My dear guys, please don't judge this book by its cover cos this book will amaze you by its content. 

This book is a Christian, fiction, romance novel. What I love about this book is the couple's journey with God. How God took His time to change things in the most beautiful way ever. 
Many atimes, you find yourself closing your eyes and praying with them and sometimes, closing the book itself and just telling God that you completely trust Him as He takes over the wheel in every area of your life. It was in this book I learnt that worry is a sin. That when we worry, we are basically telling God that He cannot do anything that we rather do it on our own. That is, we are calling Him a powerless God, which is a great insult to Him.
The lessons I learnt from this book, really is priceless. 

This book is about a commoner who married a prince. The twist about their marriage is that neither of them loved each other at first. The prince happened to be in love with his wife who died few years after they got married and he had to marry another girl before he gets to a particular age if not, another will take his place as the crowned prince or soon to be king. 

Their marriage was pretty much a marriage with no life. Then gradually, both parties started falling in love with each other. They fought it but they couldn't find it any more.
The great thing about this book is how both parties kept praying. How they kept asking God for guidance. How God worked on their hearts his magical. How He connected two distant hearts together and made them fall deeply in love with each other is beyond. Cos it was somewhat almost impossible.

This book takes you on a roller coaster ride. The betrayal, the near death experience. I love this book!

I hope God touches your heart as you read this book. I hope this book draws you closer to God like never before and I hope you get inspired reading this book. 

Be Inspired. 

Please if there is a book you want us to read and gain inspiration from, please do send me the review on and I will share it on this blog. And don't worry, I will always give honour to whom honour is due by acknowledging you. I humbly wait to hear from you. 

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  1. This a good review,I love romance novels.but internet today has deprived me of my reading culture.

    1. Thank you dear. I do appreciate it.
      I prefer holding the book and reading it than using my phone or system. Lol


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