Tuesday, 27 January 2015

8 Daily Habits That Make You Lose Weight Without Even Knowing It


Many atimes we try our hardest to lose weight but end up seeing little or no result. This of course weighs us down in ways we never imagined and sometimes also affects our self esteem.

We most times end up taking pills or going under the knife to see effective results. Little did we know that there are things that we can do or that we do everyday without thinking about it that can actually make us lose weight. Great right?

Have you ever heard people say, the moment I stopped trying to lose weight is the moment I started losing weight? Well, here is what they did differently or they did that they never thought of:

1) After every meal, they drink more water than the food they've eaten.
2) They drink water immediately they wake up. That is, letting water be the first thing that enters their mouth in the morning.
3) They drink water before going to bed.
4) They take a stroll or walk short distances rather than driving or taking the bus.
5) They occasionally use the stairs rather than the elevator.
6) Being active. That is, moving around and not sitting down for a long time.
7) They drink tea (natural tea).
8) Last but not the least, they worry less and laugh more.

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  1. Hmmm, I guess this is why am not gaining more weight, I have to limit my exercise, gain weight first and come back to read this and other posts on weight loss, if I need to lose the weight back... Lolz...

    Isnt that a good plan

  2. All this daily activities really helps without knowing,especially that of water.nice post

    1. Yeah. Drinking water & standing is the fastest ways to lose weight.
      Thank you dear. I do appreciate it.

    2. Am not much of a water person but I stand a lot during work, moving around within the office alone is enof exercise for the day.

    3. Aside from drinking water for weight loss, drinking water is one of the most healthy things you can ever do. Please kindly search this blog for a post on Drinks VS Water

    4. Okay! Thanks will do, maybe I place myself on a water challenge along with whatever challenge we pick up for February and yes am still conscious of not touching my face o.

      The challenge really was helpful..


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