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3 Easy Guides On How To Have A Flawless Make-up Look

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Every girl loves to wear make-up. Some love to wear light make-up while some love to wear heavy make-up. But many atimes, in our attempt to have the perfect and flawless make-up look, we tend to overdo it and sometimes end up looking like clowns. Which is alright because, we learn everyday. 

The number one secret to having the perfect make-up look is having a healthy & glowing skin (more details on that here>>>). We made mention here >>>   that to have a flawless make-up look, one needs to pay close attention to her eye make-up. Cos your eye make-up most times determines how you will wear make-up on other parts of your face...like your lips, cheeks (in terms of your blush) etc. 
Here is an easy guide to having the perfect and flawless make-up look:
1) A neutral eye make-up should be paired with a neutral lips and cheeks.
2) A neutral eye make-up should be paired with a bold lip make-up and cheeks... or with a neutral cheeks.
3) A heavy eye make-up should always be paired with a neutral lip make-up and light cheeks. But on date nights or in the evenings, you can pair it up with a bold lip make-up. 

Below are pictures to demonstrate the above guides. I hope you get inspired by them. ENJOY!


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