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14 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Moringa Leaves (The Miracle Tree) More


Being the kind of person that is very selective with foods (though I love food) I try to stick with what I know. Why say all these?

When I first heard about Moringa Leaves, which is also commonly known as The Miracle Tree, I was pretty much nonchalant about it. I just didn't want to put anything I did not know into my mouth. They say seeing is believing right?  Up until I started noticing and seeing great changes in terms of health in someone I know after the regular in take of this great leave. No one told me to give it a try. Lol

The medicinal benefits of these leaves (which you will soon see) are beyond. The great thing about Moringa leaves is that, you can eat them raw, you can put them in your food as vegetable or you can drink them as tea.
By now, you all know that I do not joke with my green tea (more details here >>>   ) however, the great importance and benefits of taking moringa tea cannot really be overemphasised.

Below are the reasons why you need to take moringa leaves (the miracle leaves) more 
- Did you know that moringa leaves cures 300 diseases?
- Did you know that moringa leaves contains great number of nutritions that you could ever imagine?
- Did you know that moringa leaves contains great amount of medicine values?
- Did you know that moringa leaves are blessed and rich in these great but rare minerals like zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol.
- Did you know that moringa leaves is blessed with anti
- Did you know that moringa leaves helps improve the quality of a mother's breast milk.
- Did you know that moringa helps improve the flow of a mother's breast milk?
- Did you know that rubbing morniga leaves on your temple helps reduce headache?
- Did you know that moringa leaves helps heal diarrhoea and ulcer?
- did you know that moringa leaves helps heal one of liver and urinary problem?
- Did you know that serve as a great treatment for mmalnutrition
- Did you know that moringa leaves cures one of body and joint pains?
- Did you know that moringa leaves helps stop a bleeding wound?
- Did you know that morniga leaves serves as an antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-epileptic, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, diuretic, anti-spasmodic, anti-pyretic, anti-diabetic, hepatoprotective, cholesterol lowering agent?
...And the list pretty much goes on and on about this great leave.

After reading the above reasons why you need to eat moringa leaves more, will it not be a great idea that you get started with eating or drinking it?


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  1. Have always known moringa has great benefits.nice one

  2. Don't think I know this Moringa tree. How does it look like and how's the tea prepared.
    Loving it already even though I don't know the leaf yet. Can someone please provide me with answers.....

    1. The tree is not like a tree tree. It looks like a bitter leaf tree. The only difference is that it is grows taller than a bitter leaf tree.
      To prepare the tea, you can buy the tea bag or you can follow the instructions here >>>


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