Monday, 8 December 2014

World Clearest Waters


Recently I was surfing the internet, Twitter to be precise and a tweet by @YepillPosts on clearest water on earth (pictured above) really got my interest that I had to research more about it.
When I saw the picture I was like ''really? such things exist? clearest water on earth?'' ... I was just in awe. The more I discover the many things created by God the more I fear this God and the more I stand in awe of Him and the more I appreciate Him for who He is... AWESOME GOD!


Why this got my interest is because, it is VERY difficult to see a water as clear as crystal or a water really clear that you can see what is beneath it or what goes on inside the water. All you see is something like the second picture above or something similar to it.
So, I took it upon myself to research more on clearest waters around the water and below are what I discovered.

I hope you get inspired by them and also get inspired to love and appreciate the beauty in God's creations. ENJOY!

                                         Lake Tahoe – Nevada from


Lord Howe Island, Australia  from

The Maldives Islands from

                                                    The Maldives Islands from

island of Koh Kham (near Koh Chang) from

Isn't the creator of the whole universe and all that is in it AWESOME?

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Be Inspired To Love And Appreciate The Beauty In God's Creations.

Yours Truly,


  1. Hi Chidinma,
    It's a nice article, the water is so clear, as one can see the end depth from the surface. It's good you shared it for us to know.

    I found your blog from OgbongeBlog, and like to be your friend, anywhere you have issue's you can hola me.

    ~Larry of FlowingTechBlog

  2. Hello Larry. Thank you. I do appreciate it. Will keep that in mind.

  3. wao i am short of words, thanks for this article. i never knew such exist

  4. @Oluebube, thank you dear. I do appreciate it. @Akpene, isn't God awesome? I am glad you were inspired dear.

  5. Wow, God is wonderful..... great and informative post

  6. He is a great and wondrous God I must tell you... Thank you dear. I do appreciate it.


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