Sunday, 21 December 2014

Why Is Forgiveness So Important?


There is no one on the surface of the earth that can forgive by his/her own strength especially after been deeply hurt/betrayed. It feels as if the whole world is crumbling down on you when the person you least expected hurt you the way you never thought you could ever be hurt. My darling, you need GOD to really forgive. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things anyone can ever do. However, forgiveness is a priceless and worthy reward you can ever give yourself.

Forgiving those who have deeply hurt, is not you doing them a favour but you doing yourself a favour. When you forgive, you should also pray for grace to forget. But never forget the lesson what you forgave taught you. This makes you wiser and also trains you not to be a victim of the same hurt/betrayal the second time.

Lack of forgiveness weighs you down. You tend to be filled with so much contempt whenever you see the person or remember what he or she did to you or the incident. When you do not forgive you become a prisoner of hate, anger, pride, a prisoner to those who have hurt you... just name it. Lack of forgiveness withdraws your peace. Lack of forgiveness withdraws your sleep, while the person who has deeply hurt you is sleeping peacefully.

Now I ask, is it really worth it? The answer obviously is NO!

- The first step to forgiveness is to ask God for His help. Ask God for His grace to let go. Cos trust me, you tell yourself a big lie if you feel you have the strength to forgive on your own.
-The second step is, be willing to forgive. Be willing to let go. Because, you can ask God for grace to forgive but you might not be willing to forgive.
- The third step is, forget the incident but while at it, gather much wisdom from it. Every wound has a story behind it and a lesson to learn from. Learn from the hurt and keep things moving. Learn from the hurt completely choose deep down to let it go.

I hope the above steps helps. One thing about life is that we cannot escape being hurt or betrayed. Because not everyone's intentions towards you are genuine. We get hurt by people who never thought they hurt us or they could ever hurt us. However, you can choose how you handle it and come out on top.

Be Inspired.

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  1. It is not easy forgive and forget,but like you said in *step one: God's grace and strenght will surely is good to be nice and to forgive


    1. Yes dear. Only God can give us the grace to really forgive.
      It is not even by being nice... But by doing yourself a favour and letting it go. Cos in the end, your peace of mind matters more.

  2. Yeah, it's true, we are doing ourselves a favour when we forgive, not necessary the person we so think we are forgiving.

  3. It's easy to forgive but hard to forget, but with the Grace of God it's possible.

    Forgiving someone gives peace of mind and joy... Really g got inspired with this post..

  4. Am doing myself a favor when I forgive someone because my mind would be at rest...God should give us the strength to be able to forgive and let go,because life is too short.


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