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The Pros And Cons Of Airing Your Business On Social Media


According to, Social media is the collective on-line communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration...''

In this time and age, everyone or let's say most people have easy access to the internet (social media). And since the internet is easily accessible to many, many use the social media as an opportunity to disclose everything about themselves on the internet not caring who is reading them.
Most times we get so relaxed on social media and decide to tell it all. It could be in terms of disclosing every detail about your relationship, or about your day to day life or about your career or about your wealth academics amongst others.

Many fail to understand that every information placed on the internet goes to the cloud (cloud computing) that no matter how hard you try to delete it, it never leaves the internet because it is now in the cloud. Though you might have the believe that it has been deleted, it just never gets deleted and this information can be recalled when needed.

P.S- This is what cloud computing means the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than a local server or a personal computer (Google Dictionary).

The internet can be a very dangerous place but it can also be a very friendly and great place to be in.
Below are the Pros (advantages) and Cons (disadvantages) of airing your business on social media

- You get to make lots of ''friends''.
- You feel a sense of welcoming.
- You are most likely going to be loved by many.
- You feel a sense of relieve when you have gotten what is bothering your mind off your chest.
- You get advice from people when needed.
- You feel a sense of happiness within.

- Every and any body has an opinion to matters that concerns you.
-  Information about your personal life are most likely been noted by the wrong people.
- Those information that you have aired in public (social media) will one day be used against you.
- It may get you fired.
- The things you love, most times your relationship are one step at a time destroyed by the social media without you knowing. Because you get to listen to the opinions of everyone, those that are wrong and those that are right. And you also get to put your spouse at the mercy, critics and opinions of everyone.
- Your relationship can be robbed off without you knowing.
- You make your relationship a thing of public consumption. Every has a say in your relationship.
- A relationship is meant for 3 people, the couple and God. But now, everyone is involved in your relationship. And when it ends, many will pretend to be sad, many will show you how joyful they are, many won't even care and many will blame you for everything.
-  You can never take back what you have said or typed or written no matter how hard you try.
- The way you seemed loved by everyone is the way you will be hated by everyone and you just keep wondering why.
- The bad words of people leads many into a state of depression and most times suicidal attempts because on the internet, everyone says whatever they feel and want to say without been punished.
- You are most likely putting your life in danger without you knowing.
- You are revealing your life to people who you don't know, who don't know you and who you may never ever get to meet in real life.
- You are deeply judged and criticised by many. Most times by people who don''t even know you or your story.

... and the list goes on and on. Please kindly feel free to share with us what you feel are the Pros and Cons of airing your business on social media.

With all these mentioned above, it is a great thing to say that the social media can be used for great good. You get to connect with people with great minds. You get to connect with people that on a normal day, you never ever would have connected with them. You get to learn at the feet of great minds. You get to be inspired by the stories of others. You get to easily transact business at little or no cost at all. You get to connect with many lost friend and loved ones. You also get to keep in touch.

With all these mentioned, what do you think is safer to do on social media? Air your business on the internet or use the internet for something great, mind changing, educating, entertaining and productive. I leave you to answer the question.

I end with this word of wisdom from the wisest man who ever lived on the surface of the earth (King Solomon) he said ''He that keeps his mouth keeps his life: but he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction'' ( Proverbs 13:3).

Be Inspired.

Your Truly,

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