Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Never Ending Fashion Style:Coloured Blazers...Men!


Men are commonly known for their neutral colour blazers i.e black or brown, which is very much okay. But there is nothing wrong in being a pop of colour in a black and white world (here is a post on a pop of colour >>>   in case you missed it).

Coloured blazers, I won't really say is a trend. I will say they are fashion styles that never really goes out of season. It is a fashion style that stands the test of time. The fun thing about Coloured blazers is that they can be worn for all occasions, be it for a casual occasion or to work (corporate or semi corporate) or to a party or to a church...and you will still come out looking like ROYALTY!

Rather than talking more, I hope you draw inspirations from these men looking like kings on coloured blazers. ENJOY!




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